Droom launches 'Droom History' for vehicles background

| Updated: Dec 23, 2016 01:05 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 22 (ANI): Online automobile transactional marketplace Droom has announced the launch of Droom History, which will curate historical data available through various authorized data providers to deliver in-depth information about a vehicle's background. Generated using Droom's proprietary technology, the report will address issues related with a vehicle's safety, trust, and value. "We are making India's largest information repository for used vehicles. By providing a report on vital vehicle-related information to a prospective buyer within minutes, we aim to foster greater trust and transparency in the used automobile segment," said Founder and CEO Droom, Sandeep Aggarwal. In order to present the most consolidated and transparent report to its users, Droom constantly collects and updates vehicle information in over 18 unique data fields from 1000+ RTOs across the country. Droom History currently has information about more than 19 crore private and commercial vehicles such as two-wheelers, cars, taxi, trucks etc in its database, with real-time information of nearly 6 million vehicles from the Delhi-NCR region alone. During the first phase of the launch, Droom will put up listings with valid RC numbers on its platform. The front-end will also be soon opened to users, giving them access to the most accurate, real-time information about used vehicles. "With Droom History, we aim to plug this information gap by making a standardized, central repository for used vehicle history. Integrating disparate IT systems and producing our own data science and machine tools over the past nine months has been a colossal task, but we're confident that our hard work will pay off and help India embrace a more digitally-driven economy," said Senior Director Product and Technology Droom, Somendra S. Rathore. If the vehicle report is available in Droom's database, users can make an online payment to get the report sent to their registered email address within half an hour. The information can then be leveraged by users to make better purchases, ensuring the security of their investment and offering them peace of mind while purchasing a used vehicle. (ANI)