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E-Vaarta on COVID-19 with eminent cardiologist Dr Purshotam Lal

ANI | Updated: Jun 22, 2020 16:02 IST

New Delhi [India], June 22 (ANI/PRNewswire): Metro Group of Hospitals' team, under the leadership of world-renowned interventional cardiologist Dr Purshotam Lal and Dr Sameer Gupta, held a webinar with media personalities on the topic titled 'E-Vaarta on COVID-19'.
The webinar was attended by the representatives of eminent media houses and discussed critical factors that are impacting the health condition of people in the current situation.
Webinar commenced with the introduction of media representatives and the medical specialists under the aegis of Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, and Dr BC Roy National awardee Dr Purshotam Lal (Director Interventional - Cardiology), Founder and Chairman (Metro Group of Hospitals).
The highlight of the webinar was the discussion on the reports of a sudden drop in Emergency Room visits by the patients suffering from critical conditions across the country. It was highlighted that this situation has been reported across the globe.
Director Cardiac Cath Lab - Dr Sameer Gupta opened the seminar citing the recent study published in the prominent medical journal 'Lancet', which covered the sudden reduction of patients who are suffering critical lifestyle disease. He further stated that cardiovascular diseases have doubled in India in the last 20 years. About 2.8 million people die of heart related diseases every year; approximately 7,000 every day.
Yet, people suffering from critical health conditions are not coming to hospitals for treatment due to fear of contracting COVID-19. "Though we need to focus on containment of COVID-19 we cannot ignore major health issues such as heart diseases and neurological diseases as they are the major cause of morbidities in our country and need to be addressed on a national level before it's too late," added Dr Sameer Gupta.
Dr Purshotam Lal praised the efforts of media in fighting the corona virus pandemic and their role in raising awareness regarding the precautionary measures. He further mentioned how despite the risks to their lives, media industry professionals are bravely standing in the line of fire and providing every update on the COVID-19 situation.
Dr Lal stated that the whole world is going through anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic and apart from the pandemic itself various other unwanted situations have cropped up due to the fear of contracting the virus. He pointed out that due to the fear of COVID-19 people are afraid to visit the hospital even though they might be suffering from a life-threatening health condition.
He narrated one of his recent experiences, where a media representative was reluctant to visit the hospital despite his critical medical history and current health complications. On being urged to visit the hospital, he got the PMT procedure done, which showd severe heart complications. Later, angiography was performed, which revealed a critical block in arteries. Patient was operated on and is well on his way to recovery.
Dr Purshotam Lal also observed that due to the fear of COVID-19, people are afraid to address other health problems even though they may die of the disease rather than the complications due to the virus.
He further said that these people need counseling and most government and private hospitals have a task force to tackle such issues with utmost care. He pointed out that in his hospital all government guidelines are being followed to ensure the safety of all patients.
Dr Lal also mentioned that the New England journal has published an article that addresses the same issue. He requested media to urge people to not to ignore other health conditions, as every elective or emergency procedure can be done safely. People suffering from co-morbidities should be extra cautious especially the elderly as they have low immunity.
"We have a huge young population and some young people, who are suffering from co-morbidities & lifestyle diseases might get affected. However, they usually have high immunity that protects them, or they acquire immunity to fight the corona cause their bodies produce can generally produce antibodies," said Dr. Lal, on being asked whether the COVID-19 has started affecting the young populace.
On being asked whether the lack of pollution might be the factor in the reduction of patients in hospitals, Dr Purshotam Lal stated that lack of pollution and work stress can surely affect the health condition, however, it has been observed across the medical fraternity that most patients are not coming to hospitals mainly due to the fear of corona. Now, media should come forward and dispel these fears so that people may take proper medical treatment despite the current condition of COVID-19.
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