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Dr Shweta Singh, ENNOBLE IP
Dr Shweta Singh, ENNOBLE IP

ENNOBLE IP - we endeavor to encourage, protect and commercialize innovations

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2019 16:14 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 2 (ANI/Digpu): An "En-Noble" lends greater dignity or nobility in innovation through novelty, it's their mission. As sometimes one gets to know about their own potential, only after they have been told by others of what they can't do.
The instinct to start an IPR firm started while Shweta was pursuing IPR course from WIPO, where Indian SME/startup IP ecosystem got criticized for not competent enough to safeguard their own property and that's why it was way behind in global innovation Index ranking.
It had all hit her hard, but she knew exactly how to find the silver lining in the clouds. Since then there was no looking back. Once back to India she started her firm, ENNOBLE IP and worked on the shortcoming of IP ecosystem.
ENNOBLE IP is a technology-enabled Intellectual Property company, exclusively for Startups, Universities, research institutions, and SMEs, and it was founded in the year 2014. It provides Technology Enabled IP Platform to their client to handle end to end IP related activity.
Ennoble IP was Shweta's dream which she started alone. Through her prior experience in the field and some well-done market research, she found her niche with Startups, SMEs and Universities. With her expertise and dedication, she has managed to take the firm on the top, having served more than 1000 clients across the globe.
The start is never easy, she although skillfully have sailed through the hardships, but like any other success story, she had her fair amount of ups and downs as well. But Dr Shweta and the team never gave up and came out better than before each time. They decided, to not to do the whole catch-up routine with the customers, and bring something unique to the table and in the market, so that the competition will have to do the catching-up.
Another strategy that Dr Shweta nailed was entrusting the team with their capabilities rather than just depending on oneself, which was needful when it comes to running a new venture. Surviving in this ever-changing market was difficult, they have also seen many important personnel come and go throughout the company's lifecycle. "Even if the parts of the sum change, the overall output will remain the same, as ENNOBLE IP keeps evolving and growing" is what they have believed in.
Presently, ENNOBLE IP has pretty much cornered the markets of IP industries in India, by setting a new benchmark. They have now found a functional way to manage and grow the clientele which is unlike any other IP consultancy firm.
As most SMEs & Startups lack the financial resources to build an in-house IP team to help utilize the true value of IP valuation. ENNOBLE IP advises & assists clients to effectively identify and protect their intangible assets and help them in effectively using those assets fittingly. They are the only IP consultancy firm that handholds startups & Higher Education to builds strong IP assets, which increases their valuation.
Being ambitious and an achiever while also being the whole and soul of this IP firm, Dr Shweta believes "one should dream big, so they can wake up every day excitedly in order to realize them." She is committed to leaving an impactful legacy behind and has been planting the seeds all along the way that can impact other women likewise.
Now looking ahead, the company aims to aspire to become the market leader in IP by delivering state-of-the-art services. They also yearn to be the pioneers in providing a one-stop solution to academia for research and innovation through their power play product E-Suite product.
And this is how she aspires to inspire all those who dream big--
Great ventures start from small beginnings, and that includes your small businesses too. When I started out, nobody told me what direction to take. I had to make my own path. I believe that to venture on to a new beginning, what a person needs most is self-confidence. Sure, we may get inspired or influenced by the people we meet, or the stories we read, but nothing pushes you forward like the voice that comes from within. I believe each one of us needs to probe within.
"Everybody is capable -- it's your confidence that decides the path ahead" states Dr Shweta Singh.
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