eShopbox allows brands to participate in fulfillment program of ecommerce players

| Updated: Apr 22, 2017 18:26 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr 22 (ANI): eShopbox an end to end ecommerce service provider has now on-boarded with Affiliate fulfillment program of all three major ecommerce players like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. Affiliate fulfillment program (AFP) is an extension of conventional fulfillment program (FPs) of ecommerce players like Fulfillment by Amazon, Flipkart Advantage and Snapdeal plus. Sellers on enrollment under AFP not only enjoys benefits of conventional fulfillment program which includes higher or preferential visibility of product, participation in special promotions, faster delivery, higher credibility of the product, etc., but also ties loopholes of conventional program in which seller has to do multiple tax registrations, have low control over inventory, incurs higher transportation cost and holding cost of inventory. eShopbox has dedicated a specific area in its fulfillment center to each of these affiliate programs and have undergone extensive training to understand the technology and processes of each of these channels. Brands on eShopbox platform can now avail the benefits of this program on a turnkey basis under one roof. They don't have to do multiple tax registration and meet compliances for each of the channels. Additionally, they will have higher control over inventory movement with lower transportation cost and holding cost. "Brands and manufacturers have to go through elaborate process either to send consignment of stock or recall the unsold inventory from traditional FCs. With eShopbox affiliation, they can easily allocate inventory from fulfillment program of one ecommerce player to another based on demand thereby optimizing inventory holdings," said co-founder eShopbox, Neeraj Choudhary. "This is one of our major steps towards our commitment to maintain leadership in managing multi-channel ecommerce and stay ahead of industry standards. Such initiatives helps brand focus on their core business of manufacturing and product innovation and rely on eShopbox to manage their ecommerce," added Neeraj. (ANI)