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Air Tamer A310
Air Tamer A310

First ever wearable air purifier 'Air Tamer' launched on Globalkart.com

ANI | Updated: Apr 22, 2019 17:12 IST

New Delhi [India] April 22 (ANI/NewsVoir): Air Tamer A310, a wearable air purifier that helps consumers breathe clean air on-the-go is now available in India. The product is FCC certified and is made available in India at the same price as in the US. It is currently priced at Rs 9999. In India it is available exclusively at GlobalKart.com, a new e-commerce portal, which is making innovative global products available to Indian consumers at global prices. Unlike other e-commerce sites, it also provides cash on delivery option for global products.
The ultra-compact and incredibly versatile design of the Air Tamer makes it easy to carry and simple to use. An individual can wear it around the neck and commute freely. It is easily charged with a standard USB cable available in-the box. Unlike other air purifiers the Air Tamer does not have any filter that needs to be replaced periodically.
“Air quality in most of the major cities in India is alarming, which is a serious health hazard. While existing air purifiers work when we are indoors, Air Tamer protects us when we are on the go. It’s a revolutionary wearable health technology that is the urgent need of the hour”, said Sanket Aggarwal, founder, GlobalKart.com.
“Considering the air quality in India, this is one of the first products Globalkart.com brought to India. We are working hard to make many such innovative products available in India which helps make our quality of life better”, he added.
Air Tamer not only cleanses the air but also, sterilizes the surroundings up to 97.5 per cent by eliminating the viruses within seconds. Air Tamer’s advanced ionic technology emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants away from your personal space. Its state-of-the-art electrostatic purification system creates a 3-foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air around your head. It cleans the air of atomic sized pollutants (e.g. viruses, pollen, smoke, mould and dust mites) that traditional air purifiers leave behind. Equipped with power boost technology Air Tamer provides 9 times more cleaning power than its competitors. It is silent in operation and is extremely energy efficient as it provides 150+ hours of run time on one charge.
Data released by IQAir AirVisual and Greenpeace, a non-profit organization, indicates that a majority of the world's most polluted cities are in India. As per the new report published, India dominates the ranking, with 15 out of the 20 cities, with worst pollution. Growing awareness around the hazards of air pollution Air purifiers have become a household name but there is still a lack of innovation in terms of form factor and use cases of such devices with some inherent drawback that are common across all products available in the market. Air Tamer brings unparalleled ease of use and mobility and given the larger trend of variables in health-tech, this promises to provide preventive solution to a vast majority of chronic ailments which stems from the exposure to poor air quality.
The Air Tamer works effectively on the allergies showing instant results. Over 2 million negative ions are emitted from the Air Tamer every second. These negative ions attach themselves to air particles like allergens, viruses, etc in the air and negatively charge those particles. These negatively charged particles naturally get attracted to positively charged surfaces in the surrounding, rather than continuing their way towards the breathing passage of an individual. This reduces the probability that one may inhale the bad particles in the air and suffer from illness.
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