Vineet Puri
Vineet Puri

From selling ISP connections in Nehru Place to being on the board of MNCs

ANI | Updated: Apr 29, 2020 18:10 IST

New Delhi [India] April 29 (ANI/Digpu): It is said that fortune favours the brave. Vineet Puri's life story proves that it is indeed true.
Born and raised in the less than humble neighbourhoods of Raj Nagar and Tughlakabad, Vineet's childhood was spent in a one-bedroom house located amidst narrow lanes and open drains.
A hard worker from childhood, Vineet spent his young days lost in dreaming of a better future. His parents managed to send him to a near-average private school, which meant a daily 2.5-hour journey via public transport.
Not one to easily give up, Vineet Puri completed his schooling and took to giving tuitions right after he finished high school. While his peers went on to revel in the freedom of youth while in college, Vineet's tuition classes continued parallel to his college life too.
Vineet landed his first job soon - a seven-day week in a company of seven people - where he sold ISP connections for mere Rs 3000 per month. While working this job, he unsuccessfully tried his hand at clearing competitive exams too.
The dry run continued and for several years, Vineet Puri continued to dabble between several self-started businesses. None would take off due to the paucity of funds.
Vineet had saved enough from several mediocre jobs and six years later he earned an MBA Degree from the USA. For one year, Vineet again dived into the world of books, held together by working odd jobs on and off-campus.
In 2004, he returned to India and got married shortly after. Alongside he began his uphill journey in the corporate world.
Thereafter, Vineet worked several corporate jobs, becoming the Vice President of a listed MNC in 2007. Today, he is a board member with an MNC, member of a premier trade body, and a senior business executive with a large MNC with international portfolios, marquee clients and earnings running into eight digits.
When asked to comment on his success, Vineet Puri shrugs it off with his humble demeanour. He credits his success to his belief in hard work and faith in God, while quickly adding the importance of a supportive life partner.
Coming across as the man next door, Vineet already has his eyes set on his next goal. Vineet says his journey has just begun and he has yet a long way to go. Going by his persistence and determination, it sure seems true!
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