Furlenco partners with Airbnb to offer enhanced home furnishing options for hosts

| Updated: Dec 22, 2016 18:01 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 22 (ANI): India's leading furniture rental company Furlenco has collaborated with Airbnb, the world's leading community-driven hospitality company, to offer personalized home interiors. The partnership features an array of unique furnishings options to hosts on the home sharing platform. With the emergence of Airbnb, India's tradition of hospitality has taken on a unique and personalized flavor. Today, there are a variety of hosts who are keen to extend this hospitality in their own homes, because it enables them to share their culture with travelers from all over the world. Every element in a home reflects of the personality of its owner, and the manner in which it is furnished can add to its uniqueness. With this collaboration, Airbnb hosts have the capability to furnish their home for a brief period of time, and can pick from a range of exclusive Furlenco furniture packages each time they choose to make their home available to guests. Potential hosts will be able to furnish their spaces in a personalized way, picking the package which suits their hosting style, with the added benefit of choosing a new style, each time. "We are delighted to join hands with a global company like Airbnb which brings together a vibrant host community in one place, for travelers to experience every place in a unique way. This partnership is the collaboration between two entities which place the concept of 'sharing' at the heart of their business, as consumer behavior continues to evolve," said founder and CEO Furlenco, Ajith Mohan Karimpana. "With Furlenco, we are offering homeowners the ability to furnish their homes in style, and to host travelers from across the globe on Airbnb with a sense of confidence, while productively utilizing their real estate space," added Ajith Mohan. "Airbnb's mission is to offer guests a "home away from home". Our partnership with Furlenco provides our hosts easy access to contemporary furniture and encourages them to make their homes more comfortable for their guests. We are certain that great deals from Furlenco that have been especially curated for Airbnb will further enhance the ease of hosting in India," said Country Manager-India Airbnb, Amanpreet Bajaj. Furlenco has created six exclusive packages with great deals for Airbnb hosts besides giving them the option to choose from regular packages, and will continue to offer more such options to customers. (ANI)