Nitin Sharma- Founder of Go Waterless
Nitin Sharma- Founder of Go Waterless

'GoWaterless', a social innovation to save 1 trillion litres of water wasted on car wash

ANI | Updated: Nov 06, 2020 14:45 IST

New Delhi [India], November 6 (ANI/SRV Media): In a bid to save the world from water scarcity and utilize water in a cautious way, Go Waterless, an initiative that provides doorstep service to help individuals with car wash, has meticulously devised a technology that practically adopts a waterless car wash method that is eco friendly as well as sustainable.
Founded by Nitin Sharma, the company uses a plant-based lubricity spray that is invented by them that captures and removes dust particles from the surface of the car without using a single drop of water.
With the service network that is set to be built across India, the company has ventured out to build a network of partners that can be a part of the growth story and become an integral part of saving the ecosystem by saving water.
Go Waterless aims to partner with car manufacturers wherein they train them on how to implement the plant-based spray in washing cars at their dealership network and will help in saving unnecessary wastage of water.
"Almost 70 to 80 litres of water is used while washing a car at home through a hose pipe. If a bucket is used then 40 litres is consumed and at a service station almost 200 litres is used. When the quantity is multiplied by the total number of cars, which is at least 23 crore in India, it sums up to a whopping quantity of water, said Nitin Sharma, Founder, Go Waterless.
"According to a report by Niti Aayog, India has only 4 per cent of fresh water available on the globe, more than 60 crore people in India undergo extreme water shortage. With GO Waterless, all the water which would have otherwise been depleted can be conserved. Water scarcity is a huge problem in our country and with innovation and technology, a lot can be achieved in meeting the challenge," Nitin Sharma added.
"A spray liquid which is all natural can serve the very same purpose of washing the car without using a single drop of water then why not use that! To help individuals adapt to this process and change the way they clean their cars, a robust team across the country is needed. I am looking forward to encouraging more people to save water by expanding my operations through the Service Partner network and provide employment to thousands of people," Nitin Sharma further said.
The company's existing network of service partners is 18, who are provided with the concept, technology and training to seamlessly execute the car wash services at an individual's doorstep.
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