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Mohd Badar, the Founder and Director of HBN Events
Mohd Badar, the Founder and Director of HBN Events

HBN Events initiate event management revival post lockdown

ANI | Updated: Jul 08, 2020 13:23 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India] July 8 (ANI/NewsVoir): Given that the world is battling against time to deal with COVID-19, the virus reiterates its disruptive power to economic slowdown while severely impacting the business across the globe.
Event management is one of the worst affected industries by novel coronavirus is deemed to have a slow revival tendency as the industry was majorly predominated by in-person networking. In light of such limitations, HBN Events Pvt Ltd based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh dons the initiative to revive the event management industry post lockdown.
Under the proficient guidance of Mohd Badar, the Founder, and Director of HBN Events, the company thrives to come up with the latest solutions for effective reception amongst the audience.
"The event organizers are faced with challenges where they need to reconsider their options while balancing the health and safety of staff, sponsors, and attendees along with meeting the financial obligations," said Mohd Badar.
Gauging the situation closely, it is imperative to modify the system and structure of the industry while not losing out on the essence of event management, i.e. relationship building.

Owing to the limitations faced, the industry can survive and reclaim its position by adapting to the technological revolution. As per the notion shared by Badar, immaculate planning can completely harmonize with the celebration of art, irrespective of the alteration in interactional mode.
The industry is marching towards a hybrid model that entertains both physical as well as virtual interaction. Being adept in crisis management, the Founder of HBN Events emphasizes on the lucrative future where the organizers can unfold double-layer advantage by leveraging the physical events when the situation comes back to normal while employing virtual component to its fullest for crucial revenue generation.
Aligning with the visionary of the founder, HBN Events undergoes a virtual shift with the utmost alacrity, highlighting the cost-efficient nature of the platform that reduces the expenditures attached to traditional events.
Moreover, with the help of digital space one can maintain the associations and connect with the stakeholders without losing on the essence of personal bonding. The company which has previously organized on-ground events like the Locknow Health Run, is now focusing on innovative techniques for the perfect amalgamation of deliverance, reception, and bonding.
The event management industry majorly dominated by crisis management has the ability to deal with the short-term resistances and emerge successful in the near future. By incorporating the present-day solution to their mechanism, the industry can unleash the great calibre to revive itself from losses endured due to intensive lockdown.
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