Here's how ThempCo Botanicals is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry

ANI | Updated: Apr 28, 2021 16:24 IST

New Delhi [India], April 28 (ANI/SRV Media): Seeing the harmful effects of cosmetics and striving to bring about change, ThempCo Botanicals was founded in 2019 to provide environmentally friendly everyday products with a reduced carbon footprint.
Based in Kentucky, USA, the hemp aficionados have expanded their market to India with the aim of adding the finest quality hemp-based products to their lineup. The company is now working on research and development to introduce biodegradable plastic, paper, clothing and neuro meds towards the end of the year.
ThempCo offers India's first hemp-infused complete skin treatment range for men and women designed to fight issues like acne, pigmentation, dark spots, ageing, sagging, eczema, and many others. The ingredients used are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant in nature.
Through their offerings, ThempCo aims to simplify skincare by using formulas with a holistic approach to maintain and improve the skin from the first use itself. The team observed numerous, confusing options to fix skincare problems which ultimately become a hassle for the consumer. To better this, ThempCo is working towards creating a solution for all skincare problems with just three products.

"I started ThempCo in 2019 in Kentucky with the vision to bring natural medicine for cancer and mental illness. With the help of my specialization in medicinal cannabis from the Department of Neuroscience, University of Colorado, I was able to start ThempCo Botanicals in India in 2020. At ThempCo, our vision has always been to provide the finest, all-natural solutions to skincare problems by infusing ancient formulas with modern science. Additionally, I also wanted to spread awareness about hemp and its significant advantages in almost every industry," said Gagan Singh of ThempCo Botanicals.
At ThempCo Botanicals, experienced and recognized professionals use the best, organic formulas from the ancient era and infused them with advancements in modern science to devise cures for a lot of skincare problems. Hemp oil, an important ingredient widely used in Ayurveda and ThempCo Botanicals products dates back to 10,000 BC. Not just for skincare, hemp has been used for thousands of years for its numerous health benefits too.
In 2019, hemp was approved by the FDA (USA) for Epilepsy and pancreatic cancer treatments. Along with that, hemp-based medicines have helped with issues such as arthritis, chronic pain, cardiovascular health, diabetes, menstrual cramps, anxiety and many more.

Through their mission statement - The Green Earth Project, the revolutionary skincare brand aims to provide organic, authentic, and all-natural products. With a shift from paper, plastic, wood, and synthetic cloth to hemp, the company foresees a positive change in the environment and a decrease in deforestation.
Every organic formulation at ThempCo is aimed at healing and providing an all-around experience to the customer. All the products are completely rid of SLS, gluten, paraben, and chemicals. Additionally, these are not lab tested on animals making them a certain gamechanger.
Furthermore, the team assures that the ingredients are ethically sourced. ThempCo Botanicals firmly believes in innovation that honours tradition and with their offerings, the hemp masters are bound to make waves.
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