STPL: Around 100 plus ROBOMATIC 2.0 robots in action in the field without any kind of human intervention
STPL: Around 100 plus ROBOMATIC 2.0 robots in action in the field without any kind of human intervention

In the unlocking phase, Robotics Solutions from STPL are reviving the diamond industry

ANI | Updated: Jun 30, 2020 13:00 IST

Surat (Gujarat) [India] June 30 (ANI/BusinessWire India): The spread of COVID-19 has disrupted the world in many ways, but thankfully, we are witnessing several positive ways of recovery. After a long period of stagnation of normal public and industrial activities around the world, efforts are now being made to revive the crippled economy.
It has become very clear that digital technology, automation, and robotics will dominate every type of industry and business in the coming times.
Especially in the diamond industry, which has so far been quite labor-intensive, COVID-19 has played havoc. Maintaining social distancing is crucial but diamond processing units are finding it difficult to maintain their outputs with fewer workers.
The availability of skilled artisans has also become uncertain for a while. On the other hand, given the revival of the economy, increasing productivity and staying competitive in terms of quality is also crucial.
All of these things were important in the diamond industry even before the spread of the coronavirus, and in the changing world, digital technology and automation have become inevitable.
Even after the unlocking efforts by the government, diamond processing units are finding it difficult to restart, especially due to the lack of artisans.
But showing a ray of hope for the entire industry, two diamond processors from Gujarat have been successful in restarting their units. It is noteworthy that these two diamond processors have been able to carry out their production routine despite the low attendance of artisans, in full compliance with the rules of social distance.
Both of them are using STPL's robotic solutions at every stage from rough diamond planning to cutting and 4P processing etc.
"The lockdown has caused problems in the diamond industry as well as in all other industries, but I think if we understand the new technology, automation, and robotics properly and adopt it, we will be able to get out of this problem very quickly. We use STPL's automation solutions ROBOMATIC 2.0 so we can take our production to the next level even if we don't have enough craftsmen at the moment. Again, safety is a top-notch priority in an ongoing pandemic situation, and STPL's ROBOMATIC 2.0 robots are helping us keeping social distancing as one only needs 1 operator to operate 5 machines," said Sailesh Italiya of Twara Diamond, a diamond manufacturer associated with the Surat diamond industry.

"Whether it is business communication or diamond processing, new digital technologies have become crucial. We are using STPL's Robotic Planner and ROBOMATIC 2.0 4P robots for diamond planning and cutting so we are confident that we will be able to keep pace with the demands of the new world in a timely manner even in these difficult times. We have over 100 STPL 4P robots in our units. Even in present COVID-19 situations where social distancing becomes a mandatory need through STPL's robots, we are well managing the same," said Hasmukh Kakadia, of Kakdiam, another Surat-based diamond processor.
STPL has developed the world's first robot for the diamond industry that makes some of the most complex aspects of diamond processing perfectly automated and error-free, helping the industry accelerate production in terms of quality and quantity.
Normally one operator is required for every 4P machine, but in STPL's ROBOMATIC 2.0 4P machine, the five 4P machines can be operated by only one operator. Thus, the rules of social distance can be fully complied with. Intelligent robots complete the integration of CAD-CAM solutions between the diamond planners and diamond cutting equipment.
As a result, the polish weight and profit margins increase. Profits were declining due to human error in the diamond sewing process in the older generation, non-robotic machines.
With the wonderful combination of STPL's multi-sawing setup, one can achieve more production with fewer operators. The robot planner also requires fewer operators and gives more production in less space.
"Only robotics and automation can keep the diamond industry afloat in the future. The diamond processors who understand the importance of digital solutions in the diamond industry will be able to outperform others in the new, more competitive world. Robotics and automation allow for faster, more quantitative and better-quality production in less time, less space and with fewer craftsmen," said Hasmukh Kakadia, of Kakdiam, another Surat-based diamond processor.
STPL has established its distinctive and extremely strong identity in the diamond processing industry with its wide range of technologies and value-oriented approach. Today, STPL solutions are used in over 2,000 diamond processing units in more than 28 countries and five continents around the world.
Established in 1993, STPL develops state-of-the-art technological solutions for the diamond industry. Today, STPL is the only company in the global diamond industry to develop total technology solutions for the entire process of diamond manufacturing, such as diamond analysis and planning, diamond cutting, blocking, and safe diamond trading.
STPL's advanced technological solutions ensure more production at a lower cost. STPL company has creative and innovative talent dedicated to the goal of enhancing excellence in the diamond industry.
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