India Inches Closer to Become Cybersecurity Superpower
India Inches Closer to Become Cybersecurity Superpower

India inches closer to becoming a Cyber security Superpower

ANI | Updated: Sep 02, 2019 19:13 IST

New Delhi [India] Sept 2(ANI/Digpu): The 'Digital India' and 'New India' mission has been offered an essential impetus by an Indian Ethical hacker, Khushhal Kaushik.
His passion, drive and burning desire to 'go the extra mile', has helped him strengthen India's stature in the global cyber security industry. Conventionally, western countries have always ruled the cyber security domain.
According to Khushhal, India is considered an inferior country compared to Western countries in the realm of cyber security. So, in order to debunk this myth, he is working hard to dominate the cyber security landscape. Due to his obstinacy, Khushhal established India's reputation in the field of cyber security.
Khushhal Kaushik is India's first ethical hacker to appear in UNESCO's annual magazine. The publication receives research papers from experts and authors around the world, and among these outstanding presentations, Khushhal was selected. However, this honour is not easily attained. The selection process took more than seven months, and it was always conducted carefully and thoroughly.
During his interview with the UNESCO team, Khushhal requested that if his research paper was selected, then his nationality i.e., Indian, must be published along with his name. So, everyone will be aware of the fact that the man of influence is an Indian cyber expert. He believes if Indians gets the right opportunity, then they can establish themselves as an expert in any domain.
Khushhal credited his father for this tremendous achievement because his father guided him to the road less travelled. He always believed in following the offbeat path and finding own path instead of following the crowd.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Khushhal was showered with a bunch of great offers from renowned companies with handsome salary packages. But he declined all the offers and focused on establishing himself as an expert in the world of cyber security.
As a pioneer in this field, Khushhal Kaushik, with his native knowledge, has been invited from north-western University, Chicago to share his expertise and experience in a course on Ethical Hacking and Cyberspace Security. It is a great honour, especially for an Indian as the country has always been considered underdeveloped in the field of Cyber Security.
Today, Khushhal Kaushik is Founder and CEO of Lisianthus Tech Pvt Ltd and has established himself as an authority in the cyber security domain. He is closely working with several Global agencies and many renowned leaders from several countries seek his insightful advice on matters of cyber security.
"It is a fact that India is underestimated in the field of cyber security. It does not mean that we are weak. To fight this notion, we must prepare ourselves, law enforcement agencies and the public departments for the bigger game. The government should employ people with technical expertise so that they can easily understand the technical issues and solve the problems quickly. No one can become a cyber expert by just using some tools and infrastructure," said Khushhal.
"There is no specific training in the world which can make someone an expert in a few hours. One must work for years in the industry, gather relevant experience and use insights to become more proficient. The government must also invest strategically in promoting research, innovation and skill-based approach to develop a force of cyber experts who are capable of handling technical issues, effectively," he added.
Also, he believes that the government should join hands with private players in the cyber security domain. This way the goal of making India a more cyber-secure nation will get new impetus and a clear direction. He believes that the government should engage only Indian private entities or player so that the country's security is at a stake and in the hands of foreign experts.
Private players under strict monitoring and vigil of government can equip the law and enforcement agencies with the capabilities to deal with advance cybercrime cases that are emerging every day in the country.
"India is a powerhouse of talent and the Indian government is striving hard to bring out the best from their citizens. On the professional front, I am also working diligently to promote Indian talent," he concluded.
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