Indian Exhibition Industry to celebrate 'Global Exhibitions Day' on June 7th in Mumbai

| Updated: Jun 02, 2017 23:37 IST

New Delhi [India], June 2 (ANI-NewsVoir): 'Global Exhibition Day' celebrated worldwide on every 7th June of a year, will also be celebrated this year in India for the first time with an initiative of all stakeholders of Indian exhibition industry. The Exhibition Industry of India will gather at Bombay Exhibition Centre, W Exp Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai on 7th June 2017 to commemorate the common cause and objective of ascertaining exhibition industry's growth. Keeping aside differences in Association alliances and business rivalries, this congregation of Exhibition Organisers, Venue Owners and Service Providers will aim to foster a noble cause of promoting the Exhibition industry as a whole. In an endeavor to support UFI's initiative to promote the exhibition industry worldwide, June 7, 2017 will be celebrated as 'Global Exhibitions Day' (GED). UFI is the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry comprising of stake-holders such as Trade Show organisers, Fair Ground Owners, National and International associations of the exhibition industry and its partners. It may be worth noting that globally the size of Exhibitions/Trade Shows industry is 55 billion USD with over 31,000 major trade shows and exhibitions taking place every year. Whereas in India it is estimated at Rs. 65,000 crore with over 700 major Trade Shows taking place every year with growth rate of 12 percent per anum. Globally, Exhibitions are respected and treated as an Industry. They are effective catalyst of growth of a nation's economy. Germany leads the Exhibition space with almost 60 percent of their national business generated through Exhibitions. In comparison to the international facts and figures, India is still in stage of infancy. For marketing, branding and communication professionals, Exhibitions are one of the most traditional forms of marketing that still excels. Today even in India certain companies spend around 20 percent of their marketing budget on Exhibitions and Trade Shows. Exhibitions are the most definitive form of advertising medium, offering companies invest a direct engagement with customers, face to face interactions with industry peers, 'touch and feel' experience of products, display of competing brands under one roof, leading to business enhancement. With a strong focus on the subjects and verticals, exhibitions provide the most effective medium to track metrics and demographics post show. In the new and emerging markets, exhibitions are a major stimulus for industrial and commercial development driving industrial development and technology transfer, boosting regional and national industries, stimulating foreign investments in industry and infrastructure. Thus every major industry sector benefits from exhibitions. Exhibitions also have a major impact on local and national economies by generating revenues through direct spends on advertising, local hotels, restaurants, retail, tourism, travel, transport etc. Besides, exhibitions create huge employment opportunities in the venues, convention centers organizers and the support industry. Thus, exhibitions directly or indirectly support development of small and medium scale enterprises. While the exhibition industry continues to fight issues and challenges like new exhibition infrastructure, public-private partnership projects, venue rates and tax compulsions, complex processes and procedures, temporary imports into India, need of a mature exhibition industry association, industry status, professional management, training and development at root level, health and safety initiatives, greener and sustainable initiatives, the Global Exhibitions Day will witness an assembly of professionals united for a common cause of paying due respect to the industry which is a source of income and a career path for many. The participants of this reunion will not only enjoy, celebrate and smile but also put a brave front to take an oath to be the Ambassadors of the exhibition industry. (ANI-NewsVoir)