ISF organizes conference on future of employment to re-engineer employment ecosystem

| Updated: Jun 14, 2017 22:20 IST

New Delhi [India], June 14 (ANI): Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), an apex body of flexi staffing industry in India, today organizes 11th National Employment Conference themed 'Future of Employment'. Experts from the government, employment industry, education fraternity and corporates participated in this event. They discussed the present employment ecosystem, mapped it against the future trends, identified future jobs and skill requirements and proposed a way to re-engineer the ecosystem. With the current fall in jobs between April and December 2016 where India just created 2.31 lakhs jobs (according to government's labor survey) these initiatives are most welcomed to streamline the roadmap for skilling and creating more employment opportunities. Today's job market is witnessing changes at a rapid pace than earlier as the trends of digitalization and automation are affecting the core functioning of organizations. As per the recent report by Indian Staffing Federation only 15 major sectors drove the entire jobs market growth only in 11 states which is comparatively less in a country like India. Every year 12 million workforce are added and five million people look out of agriculture for new job opportunities which means we need to have 70 to 80 million jobs per year. Thus, the need of the hour is to welcome other forms of employment which will help make people employable. Flexi staffing is integral hence. In the IT industry itself, despite lay-offs on the surge, flexi hiring is likely to grow 53 percent in IT sector by 2018 as staffing players know inside out and can help meet the existing skill gap of the IT industry. "While further discussing on the future trends of employment, Rituparna Chakraborty, President, Indian Staffing Federation, said, "The Future of employment is not jobs but creating an ecosystem which enables our youth to create their own work. In the long run the narrative shall shift away from permanent jobs vs temporary jobs, formal jobs vs informal jobs to a job of dignity irrespective of the form of employment," said president Indian Staffing Federation, Rituparna Chakraborty. "Today, we are entering into a new era where shapes of enterprises and livelihoods are undergoing massive transformation which makes embracing lifelong learning an imperative towards ensuring sustainability. Despite the current layoffs and negativity in certain sectors, Indian jobs market seems to look positive in sectors like IT, Startups, Telecom and BPO and blue collar roles will gain prominence in these. It's important for businesses and industries not to find themselves blindfolded and hence we need to show up prepared to be ahead of the employment renaissance," added Chakraborty. On the side lines of the conference, ISF also spearheads first-of-its-kind initiative called Staffing Mentorship Programme for the larger interest of the staffing industry. Twelve top staffing companies in India engage in one-on-one sessions with interested participants on their respective domains of interest and discuss the challenges of staffing business while identifying new growth areas. (ANI)