Vaibhav Kohli
Vaibhav Kohli

"It is an intelligent move to invest in Cryptocurrency," says Crypto & Stock investor Vaibhav Kohli

ANI | Updated: Apr 20, 2021 10:03 IST

New Delhi [India], April 20 (ANI/ThePRTree): Stock and crypto investor Vaibhav Kohli, launches his YouTube channel to provide thorough information about personal finance and investments in crypto-currency.
As market capitalization of cryptocurrency exceeds USD 2 Trillion, crypto-investment is giving favourable returns to the investors.
With alleviating acceptance in the Cryptocurrency domain, people are facing the challenge of how much to invest in Crypto. Hence, Vaibhav Kohli having studied the market well has made it his area of expertise to guide people for the same. He says, "Digital currencies have shown tremendous growth during the pandemic and are a safe bet to make in 2021."
The latest trend shows the market capitalization of Cryptocurrency exceeding USD 2 trillion, which will rise in 2021. There is no doubt that Cryptos have given good returns to investors in the last few years. Various big banks favour at least 1 percent of the portfolio allocation in Crypto, including JP Morgan.
Vaibhav believes Cryptocurrency is still at an infant stage and has a huge potential in coming times. Answering the questions the youth have today, he launched his YouTube channel and Instagram ventures where he provides thorough information about personal finance and the wonders of investing in crypto-currency. From guiding newcomers to invest in cryptocurrencies to talking about its future and safety, Vaibhav does it all.

According to him, the power of investing, whether in Crypto, stocks, real estate or bonds, can be realized by the simple fact that money invested will always increase its value. In contrast, money saved shall eventually lose its value due to inflation. Bitcoin, he explains, is a distinct asset class, and people should know all its aspects before diving in.
Bitcoin Allocation
Against the dominance of international currencies and inflation, Crypto is on the verge of making its mark. Experts are suggesting to allocate assets based on the typical 60/40 stocks or bond portfolio. According to certain studies, a portfolio should consist of 6 per cent bitcoin for achieving better growth.
In the same line, Vaibhav himself has an adequate Stock and Crypto portfolio. He is currently teaching others how they can develop a strong portfolio in Crypto investing and his commendable techniques have contributed to a trustworthy base.
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