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GIBS - Panel Discussion
GIBS - Panel Discussion

"Jack of all trades and master of at least a few", post Covid jobs for management students

ANI | Updated: Mar 26, 2021 11:50 IST

New Delhi [India], March 26 (ANI/SRV Media): In the March of 2020 when coronavirus took over the world and caused a standstill in the education system Institutions like GIBS Corporate School took the initiative to educate students and prepare them for a life forward.
In their virtual event on the 23rd of March GIBS conducted a panel discussion by some of the prominent leaders and heads in their respect field to provide an overall view on the topic to give the students a 360 degree view.
The topic of discussion being "Career building during crisis, Post covid Jobs for Management Students" the students got a direct view from the pioneers of the Industry.
The Moderator for the discussion Dr Hari Karcherla was a person with over 33 years of experience working in companies like Tata Motors, Gelet, CET tyres etc. He had an experience of working in various fields in the marketing sector and was currently the Director, Placement and L and D at GIBS.
The panel members consisted of Industry representatives like Gaurav Nigam, a global marketing manager in Infosys who also trained students from Stanford and Harvard through global programs by the company, campus to Corporate trainer Nazia Sultan. Along with GIBS alumni Bharti Kushwaha, programme manager from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Shraddha Patil, Training Operations Specialist at Salesforce and Reshab Tanty, Senior Executive Corporate Sales in Info Edge India Ltd.

The root of the discussion was established by Gaurav Nigam when he started by pointing out the collapse of various startups during the peak of covid due to the barrier in the supply chain. Pandemic according to him is a time frame which enabled only companies giving to the society to stand out as consumers could differentiate between opportunistic companies and socially sound companies.
The conversation further shifted into a sphere where the need to learn more than the traditional management syllabus was put up by Reshab Tanty where he stated his belief that a corporate in today's era needs to be " jack of all trades and master of at least a few" to strive in the market. Points where put forward how modern business schools like GIBS are better equipped with such needs to teach more than the traditional syllabus unlike various MBA colleges.
Bharti Kushwaha spoke about how the joint venture between the students and the faculty made virtual learning more informative and interactive with various introductory courses whereas students were taught to teach to make the entire learning process more fruitful.
Stating that the resistance of change is what creates a barrier and once that is solved anyone can move forward with creative ideas to achieve success. Shraddha Patil shows the students a positive side of work from home with the idea that how the previous year made her realise the importance of branching out and have given her the idea as well as opportunity to start something new which is her plan to launch her Cloud Kitchen. Her takeaway from the previous year is the idea of an attitude shift from negative to positive which students entering the corporate world should take up.
The discussion brought forward various ideas and theories which may help the students to cope up with the new normal. While answering questions towards the end Nazia Sultan put up the idea to see recession or the pandemic as a rubber band which gives a chance to take a leap, referring back to her career as an example. Each panel member added their insight from the part of the corporate world they belong to, giving answers relevant to every student wishing to work in the corporate management sector.
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