Japan contributes to economic development in Asia

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 1 (ANI): Sudirman business district in Jakarta has many corporate buildings. Astra Tower, the new high-rise building measuring 261.5m height is set to be the tallest tower in Indonesia. The topping-off ceremony held recently at the construction site, Shimizu Corporation, which has a construction history of over 200 years, was awarded this project. The company has a clean record of its technological advantages and success in constructing high-rise buildings in Central Jakarta. Shimizu has collaboration with PT. Total Bangun Persada, the Indonesia's largest contractor. The construction was started in 2014 after repeating research, examinations, logical suggestions and close communication with the planning and design team. By ensuring the quality, the Joint Operation pursued an ambitious target of compressing the construction period by a total of 6 months. "We had a very successful relationship between Shimizu, as well as Total Indonesia. Has always been very close collaboration, successful inter-relationship day and day," said Project Director PT Menara Astra, Shirley Tsou. "This time the construction of the high-rise building is developed in the Shimizu Way, running parallel with the in-house standards for skyscrapers. From now on, we look forward to seeing more skyscrapers appear not only in Jakarta, but also in other countries," said Project Director Shimizu Corporation, Kazuyuki Oki. The culture of soccer was born in Europe. It has been 24 years since the J League was established. One of the special features of J League is the existence of mascot characters. With the help from animation or character culture that Japan is famous for, the quality of the mascot characters is high, and it is popular among females and children. The supporters feel the sense of unity with the team by interacting with the mascot characters. The Fuji Xerox Super Cup is the festival like warm-up match for each year's league matches. This time there are 40 mascot characters gathered at the venue from a total of 54 clubs. On the other hand, outside of the stadium, many people are getting excited. All around Japan, there is specialty stadium gourmet for each home stadium that belongs to a team. As part of the Fuji Xerox Super Cup event, they are all gathered here. Supporters and their families are enjoying the gourmet food as if they are at a festival. "There is so much gourmet food from various clubs, so there are many supporters each year who don't only come to support the team, but also want to enjoy the food," said Official, Japan Professional Football League, Takeyuki Oya. Facing the Pacific Ocean, Kochi Prefecture is located in Shikoku, the place where many historical figures, like Ryoma Sakamoto, were born. Kochi Prefecture is home to many kinds of Japanese cuisine, such as seafood or vegetables. ANA, which is promoting the charms and attractions around the nation, is introducing Kochi Prefecture's food starting from March. As part of this project, Tosa Buntan, a new type of sweet, has been attracting people's attention. This special feature has been produced to introduce items that are unknown, such as Buntan. The best way to enjoy the Kochi's food is to visit the place and experience their unique taste here. Tosa City is about an hour away from Kochi city by car. Located between the mountains, the Shiraki Orchards are where TOSA BUNTANis planted. "Facing the south with a steep slope, this area is blessed with very strong sunlight as well as good water drainage; therefore, it is a suitable area for producing high-quality food. February and March are the best harvest months for Tosa Buntanare," said Owner, Shiraki Orchard, Koichi Shiraki. Because of its good smell, Tosa Buntan has been used for making other processed products, such as aroma oil. Kochi Prefecture's radical yet rich nature is bringing delicious ingredients to everyone. (ANI)