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Japan introduces new techniques to deal with disasters, farming and beauty related issues

| Updated: Jul 06, 2016 17:18 IST

Tokyo, July 6 (ANI): Japan is among the top most natural disaster prone countries. The capital, Tokyo faces Tokyo Bay makes efforts on natural disaster preventions and has set up a protection center. On a daily basis, other than monitoring the tide level, in order to create protection from tsunamis or high tides when disaster happens, beginning with a floodgate, it monitors and operates the shore protection facilities. "It plays a very important role in protecting civilians' lives and properties. Also, since unpredictable disasters, such as tsunamis that are caused by earthquakes, do exist, we do our work with a sense of emergency," said Tokyo Metropolitan Government official. For Tokyo Bay the main strategy for high tides are coastal levees and floodgates. When a typhoon comes, shutting down the floodgate can prevent inward flooding from the gate. The operation of the floodgate is conducted remotely from the storm surge protection center. Since 2015, the operation system has been rebuilt, and multiple bases were added. Utilizing the past experiences for typhoon damages in Tokyo, the preparation plan is set for the earthquakes and tsunamis that are concerned after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In order to search for solid disaster prevention solutions, systematical training has been conducted. He further added that as a city with advanced disaster prevention solutions, we look forward to actively share the technologies that Tokyo has acquired over time with Asian countries. Farming is a practiced globally with different methods. The types of crops depend on the country or area. Along with various forms of cultivation, the soil conditions are all different. It has been 38 years since KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. started producing and selling diesel engines for agriculture. From production and sales to service, the company has been contributing to the agricultural mechanization in Southeast Asian countries, starting with Thailand through localization that meets the needs to the specific area. "KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. sees Thailand as the strategic center of the production of agricultural machines in Southeast Asia and has completed the one and only consistent production system as an agricultural machine maker that covers from basic parts such as engines to oil pressure parts, to the assembling of tractors or combines," said President Siam Kubota Corporation Co., Ltd., Hiroshi Kawakami. In many countries like Thailand there is still a lot of machinery relying on human labor. The products made in Thailand KUBOTA (SKC) are not only mainly exported to Thailand and other nearby ASEAN countries, but also to India and Africa. SKC has been playing the role of a supply center of agricultural machines for emerging countries. By running the new research and development center, the company look forward to be further rooted in the local community and to contribute to regional agriculture. "We at KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. aim at contributing on elevating the agricultural productivities and qualities in emerging countries through product development and after service that fits local needs, supplying adequate agricultural machines and making suitable suggestions on solution," added Hiroshi Kawakami. Pursuing beauty is an eternal theme for women. Japanese cosmetic maker Shiseido Co. Ltd. has introduced an app called Oshiete beauco. The character Beauco gives directions on cosmetic techniques or advises searching for beauty products. NTT Communications, the pioneering firm in AI development, co-developed the app along with Shiseido Co. Ltd. This app is especially popular among female users in their 10s and 20s. Furthermore, users enjoy the friendly communications with AI not only for the cosmetic- related topics, such as makeup techniques for dating or for being attractive, but also the conversations on everyday episodes, etc. (ANI)