Japanese companies foraying into Myanmar, China markets

| Updated: Apr 12, 2017 22:28 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr. 12 (ANI): Myanmar's growing economic growth is being perceived as an open market for investment from foreign companies. Recently, TOTO Myanmar held its showroom grand opening in Yangon. The new facility allows visitors to better understand the internal functions and the mechanism of the equipment as well as TOTO's new technologies. The new showroom design is based on a mixture of the modern Japanese and modern bathroom concept. The latest trend in the bathroom facility in Myanmar is the wall-hung toilet with an automatic flashing system. It has become widely used in commercial buildings and some new houses. This allows users to clean the bathroom effectively, and keep the place healthy and shining. "We are very proud to develop one of the international standard condominiums within the heart of Yangon. We think that the details of any projects are important. Details are the difference between good products and great products. Bathroom fittings are one of these details, so we use bathroom fittings that reflect our overall concept of the project, which is high-end development," said Pyae Phyo Min, Asst Manager, Asset Management, Capital Development Ltd. "We think TOTO, which is a well-known brand internationally is one of the best in the class. That's why we are using it in our projects. We believe that using TOTO will make the package more attractive to our customers," he added. The clean high-performance products with the most advanced technology are helping improving people's lives in Myanmar. (ANI)