Japanese companies introduces cutting edge technology for modern lifestyle

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Mar.7 (ANI): Robots play a significant role in today's modern life. ORIX Rentec Corporation started a robot rental service called "RoboRen" in April last year. Now, Tokyo Robot Lab, a showroom for robots, has been displaying multiple new next generation Robots. Hideaki Togawa, General Manager, Business Development Division, ORIX Rentec Corporation, "Our firm has been the manufacturing location for many Japanese major enterprises. We also have been provided rental services of measurement instruments for their research and development departments. We wanted to utilize our knowhow. The market price for robot related businesses is said to be at 650 million yen and may grow to two trillion yen in the next five years. Also, an estimate says that robot users will expand to small to medium enterprises. The next generation of robots will not only work in the manufacturing field, but also in other fields, such as service, medical, nursing, and infrastructure. We plan to make a horizontal expansion to develop a system integration business and a robot maintenance company in the future." At robot showroom, great care is being provided through in-house robot engineers' teaching and telephone support during the rental period. Haruki Hiramoto, an official of the sales planning team of the ORIX Rentec Corporation, said, "We are teaching our clients how to use our products and what to be careful of. We also established a system that provides technical support to make our clients feel at ease." While the industry has become more sophisticated and complicated, the robot rental service will further boost the Japanese manufacturing. Nobuhiko Ohno, another official of the same team, said, "We are pleased when we see that our clients are happy to see that the robot is working." In Japan, a country with not a lot of natural resources, it is active in developing new energy. JFE Engineering, a top engineering firm, is constructing a complex bio mass power plant. Mikio Nakagami, an official of the Water Purification Plant Engineering Division, JEF Engineering, said, "In this project, after gathering sewage sludge, human waste, garbage, methane gas will be generated at this methane fermentation section. The gas generated not only can support the construction of the power facility but also can run it for 20 years. Also, by using the residue of the methane fermentation section as a fuel, biomass is fully converted into energy. This is the largest composite biomass power facility in Japan." So far, burning garbage has been utilized to generate electric power. However, due to the instable power output, so far the electric power generation from garbage has not been fully developed. For cost reduction and to enable highly efficient power generation, this composite biomass power facility has attracted attention. Starting with the TOYOHASHI Model, utilizing the garbage or sewage sludge as new energy will become a standard in various countries. Yasuhiko Hashimoto, a sales official with JEF Engineering, said, "In Japan, garbage, raw garbage, sewage sludge, human waste are processed at separate facilities. Now these are put together and processed in one facility, that can reduce the cost. This composite facility is called the TOYOHASHI Model. It has attracted attention from various local governments in Japan. At overseas, rapid urbanization is taking place in various countries in Southeast Asia. Besides power shortage, the handling of sewage sludge and raw garbage has become a problem. We would like to actively make suggestions on this and contribute on establishing an environmentally sustainable society." Not only at tourist destinations, taking Selfies can be seen everywhere in the street. Now, it has become a trend with young women. Casio, a maker and distributor of digital cameras has just introduced a unique camera which separates the camera and the operation component. Kanako Shigematsu, an official of Casio Computer Co. Ltd., said, "Targeted at young female users, this camera is able to take selfies with its SNS function. By separating the camera and the controller, the selfie can be taken from far away. It also can be used after putting them together." This camera specializes in taking selfies. Besides taking good selfies, the background light can be corrected. A more unique function "beautiful legs photos" is that it can make the subject's legs look long and beautiful in the picture. He added, "Nowadays, it is a new style among female users to take full body pictures. In addition to this, since the beautiful leg guide function which can make the subject's legs look long and beautiful is in the camera, it's easy and convenient to take selfies to make ordinary people look like models." Also, it is not complicated to connect to the SNS function. With a dedicated application, the function of sending selfies to a smart phone is included, and it is also easy to upload to Instagram. (ANI)