Jugnoo unveils in-house route optimization software 'Flight Map'

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi, July 12 (ANI): Leading auto-rickshaw aggregator Jugnoo unveiled its in-house route optimization software 'Flight Map' to offer comprehensive routing solutions designed to solve travel salesman and vehicle routing problem. Thriving on the solution for the past one year, Jugnoo now summons businesses to reap the benefits of its product, for an all-inclusive operating experience, free of cost. Touted to be a boon for businesses that involves traveling and field work, the software was fundamentally designed for Jugnoo and its two other ventures viz. Dodo and Fatafat service, operating in intra-city travel, delivery and logistics ecology. "Having ventured into intra-city travel with Jugnoo and then expanding to delivery and logistics with Dodo and Fatafat; minimizing the travel time and identifying efficient routes have always been our primary concern. The challenge was to find the shortest or the best route to visit a given number of places, with a certain number of resources available at our disposal," said Founder and CEO Jugnoo, Samar Singla. He added that the company is looking for a solution that could assist us to efficiently service orders to 1000 different destinations within a city. A solution that could tell us the appropriate order in which the products should be delivered, factoring in aspects like time, maximum carrying capacity of the vehicle and the total cost involved. "Profoundly amalgamating proficiencies of navigation; time and distance calculation; computing expenses involved with resources utilized and much more; after weeks of hard work 'Flight Map' was innovated. Operations at Jugnoo and all our ventures have become more efficient and lucrative with the integration of this software. After understanding the evolution it could introduce to a business, we decided to release it to the world to use" he added. Moreover, Jugnoo is releasing the API for two types of services viz. 'The simple vehicle routing problem' and 'pickup and delivery problem'. (ANI)