Kaden Boriss Legal - Managing Partners
Kaden Boriss Legal - Managing Partners

Kaden Boriss Legal elevates four verticals of law practice

ANI | Updated: Jan 24, 2019 19:09 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 24 (Newsvoir): Kaden Boriss (KB Legal) a boutique lawyers firm with eleven independent and autonomous coalition offices across eight countries has carved out its unique niche with bounded aspirations. The India outfit of Kaden Boriss today announced the restructuring of four main verticals, which will now be headed by four different Managing Partners.
Preeti Wahi Batra will head the financial transactions related legal advisory as well as firm’s administration work; Amiya Ranjan Nayak will lead the real estate and commercial law practice; Aditya Shankar has reintroduced the litigation practice in the firm along with ADR practice, and will be leading it; whereas Swati Sharma Sulalit, a former TATA Finance and Apollo Tyres’ in-house counsel will lead corporate, private equity and transaction law practice.
“This move allows us to not only consolidate existing businesses but also creates bandwidth to quickly scale up our ability to reach out and service new clients. I am sure the partners will help the firm achieve greater heights,” said Hemant K. Batra, Founder & Global Chairman, Kaden Boriss Legal.
Founder Hemant K Batra who is also an accomplished author and elected Vice President of SAARCLAW, a regional apex body of SAARC, has assumed the role of the Global Chairman of the Kaden Boriss Group Alliance-Link. In the firm, he focuses on legal opinions and strategic law and policy consulting in complex legal matters. Additionally, he is also engaged in writing books on varied legal subjects for some leading publishers.
The brand and model came into being in 2003 when internationally acclaimed husband-wife lawyers Hemant K Batra and Preeti Wahi Batra founded it formally. KB Legal, headquartered in the corporate millennium city of Gurugram, has come a long way since then with many like-minded niche smaller and boutique law firms from Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Kuwait, and the UK joining the alliance. (Newsvoir)