Linetrust International will invest USD 50 mn in Republic of Guinea

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Jakarta [Indonesia], Jan. 16 (ANI-NewsVoir): Vidhixa Sella Mining Sarl, a company engaged in the exploration and mining of transition metals like gold etc in the mining districts of Guinea has got into a collaborative agreement with UK based Linetrust International Offshore Limited who have agreed to invest a total of USD 50 mn in a phased manner to further explore gold deposits in the Republic of Guinea. Bhavesh Purohit, Managing Director, Vidhixa, feels it could help turn the commodities market scenario. Speaking at a function to facilitate the engagement, Timothy Clark, Director, Linetrust said, "With the prevailing global uncertainties, the previous metal seems to be the last hope for long term investors. Hence, Linetrust has been on the scout for the right project involving exploration of new deposits across the globe. Mr. Bhavesh Purohit, with his vast experience and tremendous knowledge of the local terrain has been all pervading and his sharp knowledge of metals will help Linetrust in its endeavour to bolster its topline and bottomline and entering the precious metals exploration business. This endeavor would help the impoverished developing economies and also help the Indian and the ASEAN Countries to manage their Current Account Deficits. With the four fastest growing economies in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) either dependent on oil or commodities to bolster trade, Gold will be the ideal cushion to cover the risks associated with the volatility in International trade." "We are thankful to Linetrust for placing the faith in our abilities to unearth precious metals and help synergise a path of growth providing a win-win situation for both Linetrust and Vidhixa. It's going to be a symbiotic association aimed at knowledge and exponential growth. Vidhixa plans to import gold into India as India is one of the largest consumers of gold and this association will help us turn in better numbers in the coming quarters," he added. Manoj Todi, shareholder and spokesperson for Linetrust, said, "It's our endeavor to provide opportunities to unearth newer sources of the precious metals. We have always supported any initiative aimed at the commodities market. Our singular objective is to fuel growth." (ANI-NewsVoir)