LivDemy launches online music courses with Mahesh Raghvan

ANI | Updated: Dec 18, 2020 11:39 IST

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], December 18 (ANI/PRNewswire): LivDemy is proud to bring to their stage renowned Carnatic musician and prodigy extraordinaire, Mahesh Raghvan!
Widely known for his experimental takes on Indian Classical Music, Mahesh Raghvan seamlessly blends authentic Carnatic pedagogy with modern instruments and virtual production. A virtuoso who's studied Digital Composition and Performance from the UK and Audio Production from Dubai, he's making waves on his YouTube channel where he frequently creates Indian Classical renditions of popular compositions, from Adele's "Hello", to the theme tracks for Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.
"Mahesh is a complete musician, who understands vocals, plays piano, composes and produces his own music! He is also uniquely gifted to understand the nuances of Western Harmony and the Indian Melody based music. When he expressed his desire of creating coursework to share his learnings, we couldn't be more proud to host it on LivDemy. The opportunity for people to learn directly from him, and engage in direct Q&A with him will be priceless," said Satyajit Sahu, COO and Co-Founder at LivDemy.
Combining traditional music with modern interfaces, Mahesh's favorite app to experiment with, is Geoshred on the iPad, an app he is intricately helping grow into a bona fide portable Indian instrument ensemble.
In this fashion, he is helping the next generation of Indian musicians stay connected with their roots as he merges traditional instruments like the Mridangam, Violin, Veena and Tabla effortlessly with electronic and modern instruments.
"What makes Mahesh Raghvan so unique aside from being a great musician, is that incredibly dynamic personality that he has. He connects so amazingly well with people. That cannot be overlooked. How he takes something like an iPad and brings all this history to it, all that deep understanding of Indian Classical Music, and makes it feel so familiar. It feels very natural - like it was always meant to be built that way," said Almaz Nanjappa, CEO and Co-Founder at LivDemy.
Watch Mahesh Raghvan conduct a live session with Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater and the developers of Geoshred - Moforte, on LivDemy:
Having formally trained in vocals as well, Mahesh is growing to be a world-class educator with a worldwide following, fusing the wonders of heavenly Carnatic music with modern music programming into a novel, first of its kind course on LivDemy that explores Geoshred as an app in order to produce high fidelity, true-tone Indian Classical Music.
They're so dedicated to this mission of musical preservation, that they recently onboarded national award-winning Mahesh Kale as Co-Founder and Chief Music Officer.
"It's very rare to find someone that is equally adept at technology and heritage art, and Mahesh Raghvan is that unique person. With technology becoming prevalent everywhere, a thorough knowledge of art and technology is the way to move forward, and I'm so glad Mahesh Raghavan is there to look out for LivDemy, be it with Masterclasses or behind the scene discussions," said Mahesh Kale.
LivDemy is honored to have Mahesh Raghvan join in as LivDemy's Music Architect, and choose them as the platform where he can conduct his new course, "Play Music on your iPad."
Check out the course details here:
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