Victorious patients conquering Type 2 Diabetes
Victorious patients conquering Type 2 Diabetes

Madhavbaug begins the New Year on a positive and healthy note by helping 800 diabetic patients reverse their condition in the pandemic era

ANI | Updated: Jan 12, 2021 11:22 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] January 12 (ANI/PRNewswire): 2020 was a tough year for every nation and every individual around the world. It was full of fear, uncertainty and distress. The mere thought of losing a loved one was just too much to fathom. Everybody - the young, the old, the rich, the poor - craved some positivity and prayed that the New Year began on a positive note.
Madhavbaug brings a sliver of positivity in the midst of fear and stress. As the New Year begins, Madhavbaug is proud to announce that 800 diabetic patients could successfully reverse their condition under its care.
The Journey
As the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world down to its knees, it was difficult to move around. As patients were limited to the confines of their homes and nothing was certain, the unpredictable nature of the disease gave rise to distress and created panic in people, especially the senior citizens who had an underlying disease, more so in those with diabetes.
Experts around the world treating the affected individuals found that over 48 per cent of the patients who lost their lives had underlying co-morbidities. Out of that 48 per cent, the majority were diabetic. In India too the numbers were concerning. About 39.7 per cent of people who died of COVID-19 were found to have diabetes.
These figures and data caused great concern to the team at Madhavbaug. They had to reach out to all their patients without exposing them to the virus, which was a tough task. There was no viable solution in sight.
This is when Chief Medical Officer, Dr Gurudatta Amin took control. Under his guidance and after some brainstorming, the team came up with the idea of guiding the house-bound patients online. This laid the foundation of the user-friendly and extremely easy to use health app - MiBPulse.
However, the bigger challenge was to take the in-clinic program that Madhavbaug has been running for 14 years, online. The team of doctors at Madhavbaug worked around the clock to help the patients, and their hard work paid off.
The results were absolutely astounding! Not a couple, but 800 patients conquered their diabetes and minimized the risk of falling prey to COVID-19.
MiBPulse app is a simple chat-based application that enables the users to connect with Madhavbaug's experts and help them find solutions to their health problems.

Initially, the app had about ten thousand subscribers, but just within a month, the number swelled to fifty thousand. With the help of the app, the doctors could guide patients in terms of lifestyle changes, exercise routine, diet plans, and several other factors to help them manage their conditions.
The app is loaded with features that help doctors and patients connect easily. With the app, patients can communicate with the doctors directly via the chat feature.
Madhavbaug's 200-plus doctors are listed in the app with whom the patients can connect at any hour. The brilliant use of technology and the dedication of the doctors at Madhavbaug are the biggest contributing factors that have enabled them to get such amazing results in terms of diabetes reversal, during the COVID-19 era.
"We advised each of our patients to look at this catastrophe not as a problem but as a golden opportunity. We explained to them that instead of stressing over rumours and fake news, they should use this time to improve their health. We guided them as to how they could use this time to improve their health. We instilled positivity in their minds, as we believe that a happy mind makes a healthy body. This approach brought exciting results, which you can see. We could help people suffering from diabetes; hypertension and heart diseases conquer their ailments and get healthy even during a pandemic," quoted Dr Pravin Ghadigaonkar, Operations Head of Madhavbaug, sharing his thoughts on the victory.
Every year, Madhavbaug celebrates the success of its patients who conquer their health conditions. However, with the pandemic restrictions, it wasn't possible to host a grand event like they usually do. Therefore, this time they hosted the Victory Function online.
"For the past three years we at Madhavbaug celebrate a Victory Function. This is for the patients who successfully conquer their diabetes. After undergoing the Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment the patients have to take a GTT test and do not consume any medications for two months. If the test results are successful and the patients do not need any medication, is when we can say that they have finally driven out diabetes from their bodies. These patients are then invited to the function and are felicitated with a certificate of honor or citation," said Dr Ghadigaonkar, who has been a part of patient care at Madhavbaug for the past 12 years, explaining the essence of the function.
"The basic objective of celebrating the Victory Function is to create awareness among the growing number of diabetic patients because it is now proved that the Type 2 Diabetes is completely reversible, and the patients do not need to spend the rest of their lives using medication and insulin or following a certain diet. Bringing patients who have successfully conquered diabetes and have them narrate their experience to the others who are still suffering from the condition, can motivate them to undergo the treatment and live a healthy and free life," quoted CEO and Founder of Madhavbaug, on the occasion.
Madhavbaug believes in evidence-based practice. Their research papers that contain valuable scientific evidence have already been published in various national and international journals.
The International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Sciences, International Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology, European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research are a few of the many renowned publications that have featured their work.
Getting 800 people to reverse their diabetes during a pandemic is commendable. The success was possible because Madhavbaug and its team stood firmly with their patients. The doctors guided each patient throughout their treatment. With such astounding successes, Madhavbaug's goal of making India a diabetes-free country is not too far.
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