Manisha Singh Rajawat with her beloved students
Manisha Singh Rajawat with her beloved students

Manisha Singh Rajawat -A divine ray of hope

ANI | Updated: Apr 16, 2021 13:35 IST

New Delhi [India], April 16 (ANI/SRV Media): Manisha Singh Rajawat, an educationist, social activist, and the Founder Chairperson of MAAN- THE VALUE FONDATION is a woman who chose to dedicate her life to uplift the underprivileged and bring back the light on Indian culture and heritage.
In her early life she witnessed a heartfelt incident of a group of underprivileged children peeping into a school, she later found out about the conditions these kids were living in and for the first time pitched in some donation to aid their education and provide them a better living condition. This became the seed of social work she continues to do to add colours to others lives.
Manisha Singh Rajawat through her NGO, MAAN works diligently in providing education to children along with better health and hygiene conditions for the future leaders of our country. At present, she has adopted two government schools under which they are renovated, refurbished, and stocked with all essentials for a proper education experience.
She is a symbol of women empowerment and fights for women rights and aims to uplift women through various cultural and social events. She believes that women empowerment and cultural growth of the nation goes hand in hand and through yearly events like the Ghoomar workshops time and again she symbolizes the role of women in the Indian culture while promoting her heritage.

Manisha holds a degree qualification as a Masters in Hindi Literature and Social Work along with a B.Ed. and M.Phil., and further continues to increase the horizon of her knowledge by pursuing a PhD in Social Work. At a very young age, Manisha Singh Rajawat was able to secure respected positions which have titled her as The National Secretary of International Human Rights and Crime Control Organization.
She is also a part and the Rajasthan Secretary of Sujas Sewa Sansthan and Gnarly Troop Foundation. Manisha believes in bringing glory to the nation and fighting social odds through "sanskar" and "ethics" which is her core values and guiding principle in her journey.

Among various initiatives, she is the mind behind the project "Hifazat Apni" to stop child abuse. She also holds the record for organizing the World's Largest Virtual Class where about 6,200 students learned coding for 2 hours. The philanthropist has been recognized well by various leaders for her selfless work and contributions to society.
In 2015, she was awarded for her outstanding work in the field of education. A year later, she received the Rajasthan Women Award for Social Work along with the City Icon Award for her extraordinary work in the field of social service. In the same year, she was recognized by the 2nd Mumbai Global Achievers award for her documentary film on HIFAZAT & JARURAT Campaign. Being a MA in Hindi Literature, Manisha has a sheer liking and appreciation for art and heritage which can be seen in her social work as well. This was recognized by Sathiya Academy for outstanding work in Hindi literature.

2017 brought her even more glory through her various projects, as "Nari Tujhe Salam" was awarded to her for her contribution to social work, along with the Indian Trailblazer award and Women the future award. Even the Sanskriti group honoured her for promoting the Art & Culture of India. In 2018, Yuva Pratinidhi Samman for young culture Leader and Womania National Award was given to Manisha Singh Rajawat.
In 2019, she received Teacher Excellence Award along with Cultural National Award and Abhinandan award-2019 for the MTVFoundation. She held the Jagruk women achievement award in 2020 while to date in 2021, she has been awarded the Empowered Women Award and Women Courageous Award.
Manisha Singh Rajawat is a social work as well as a social specialist who believes in many things but mainly herself and conifers herself accountable to create change and a better environment and society for everyone. She believes in karma and a strong believer in the basic rights and facilities each individual should have and makes herself that bridge for their better future.
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