Maximum Indians support PM Modi's demonetisation move

| Updated: Jan 24, 2017 02:22 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan. 23 (ANI): There has a hullabaloo over Government's demonetisation move, but a recent survey says that majority of Indians trust the step taken. The key findings of the survey by Nihilent Analytics: • Majority of Indians trusts the Government in its demonetisation move 66 percent of India stands in favor of demonetisation; • Demonetisation will reach its logical conclusion. 65 percent people feel that leadership is capable enough to take it to completion; • Demonetisation a panacea for terror, corruption and black money 65 percent of the respondents feel demonetisation will help reduce black money, fight corruption and reduce funding of terrorism; • Women more positive about the move than men 68 percent females see value in this move as compared to 65.5 percent of males; • North says more pain, others disagree 68.70 percent of West India is extremely positive about the move. North has expressed that it is facing more pain than South and East zone of the country. Sharing some more information from Nihilent Analytics: SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE: 1. Demonetisation will bring down the black money, fight corruption and reduce funding of terrorism 2. Demonetisation is beneficial for the growth of country economy. 3. Demonetisation will be the beginning of building an equitable society 4. Demonetisation will help in creating harmony among the ruling class, the bureaucrats and the general public. 5. This move something is being done to eradicate corruption. 6. The duration of the positive effect will last for. 7. The leadership is trustworthy to take this to logical conclusion. 8. This move will increase our brand equity on the global stage. 9. The material cost incurred to obtain the new currency notes was high. 10. Faced high level of inconvenience to obtain new currency. 11. Experiencing high level of trauma in managing day-to-day activities due to demonetization. 12. You had no choice but to deviate from your normal ethics in getting the valid currency. 13. You incurred penalties or embarrassment due to not being able to fulfill the earlier commitments made. 14. You believe the pain may continue for... SAMPLE SIZE: 2500 respondents were surveyed online SAMPLE SIZE IN EACH ZONE: 2500 respondents were surveyed online (the sample size was not controlled). Major shares of 40 percent respondents were from west, and the rest 60% were from rest of India. In the 60 percent, North and South had bigger contribution. We could have given you exact data but the section of respondents has opted not to share their location information. Nihilent Analytics Ltd. is a global information technology organization, with offices in India and USA, and partners across Asia, Europe and America. The company's core strengths are Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics. Nihilent Analytics Ltd. is a subsidiary of Nihilent Technologies Ltd., a global consulting and solutions Integration Company. (ANI)