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Meraj a Bangalore based fashion designer label challenging designers of Mumbai
Meraj a Bangalore based fashion designer label challenging designers of Mumbai

‘Meraj’ a Bangalore based fashion designer label challenging designers of Mumbai

ANI | Updated: Feb 22, 2019 14:45 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India] Feb 22 (ANI): Bangalore, the IT and Cyber City of India have got a new recognition. In a recently conducted survey by a Mumbai based consulting group 3EA, Bangalore based fashion labels have got better ratings with respect to customer satisfaction, innovation and fusion of designs. The Label that has got the best rating in the survey is a store situated in a commercial street, Bangalore by the name of Meraj.
The sample size of this survey was 500 that included primary data collection from the buyers of various Fashion Brands in the domain of Party Wear, Bridal and Groom Wear, Designer Apparel for Men and Women and their accessories. Mid-level Fashion Labels of Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Chandigarh were covered in the survey.
Meraj Anwar is a passionate fashion designer and a well-known brand himself in Bangalore Founded the venture. The satisfaction level of customers, on the parameters like innovation in design, fitting of the apparel and quality of fabric, has been found up to 78%.
The journey of Fashion Label Meraj from a store to the well-known brand with a huge fan following amongst NRIs and International fashion lovers has been very quick and can be considered as a case study for fashion and retail industry. This was April 13, 2014, when Meraj designer studio was founded as a store. After launch only, Meraj became the most sought after designer studio in Bangalore for its exquisite and intricate designs. They started with concept and theme based designs. The approach was to cater to the requirement and aspirations of the high and mid-income level segment of the market by the best possible and highly customized services. In the first year only, Meraj designer studio broke all records of success and created an identity as ‘the whole fashion world under one roof’. The store has operated as a studio since the beginning as they never deviated from the policy of ‘One product-One customer’. Customers were not only getting satisfying unique designs, but also the tailored and customized services based on the features and personality of the customers. This became uniqueness. Gradually one niche segment of products that gave them international name and fame was ‘Bridal and Groom Wear’.
Meraj Anwar, Founder of Meraj Studio states that they specialize in conceptual bridal wear. The materials are sourced from all over the country, mainly Banaras, Kolkata, and also from South India and fusion is created by latest colour combinations, most modern designs with an ethnic touch.
Just one studio at high-end market streets of Bangalore spread over 10k sq. ft. area, which happened to be a shopping paradise for Bengalurians has seen a real metamorphosis and has reached to the next level in just four years. Meraj Studio is serving to customers from all states of India and many customers are visiting especially from overseas to Bangalore to make their event unique with exclusive designer wear of Meraj.
“I do not visit Meraj Studio for designer products, but for the suggestions, innovation and personal advice by Meraj Anwar and his able and qualified team of designers”, mentioned one of the international customers, Ms Rubina Rafat from Bermingham.
“Success always comes at the cost. I have compromised with sales but never with the quality. We customize the clothes to the utmost satisfaction of the customers carefully with never to repeat the designs”, mentioned Meraj Anwar, the brain behind redefining Bengaluru Fashion.
Label Meraj is oriented towards customized, tailored creations and bringing up ideas to life. Team Meraj is backed by expert designers, best in the country at the studio. The head designer at Meraj studio shared with his extreme confidence that mantra of the success for the label is that they guide and suggest the fabrics, designs, colours depending on the customers, individual taste and also keeping in mind their personalities. Meraj does not only believe in designing clothes according to the running trends and changing designs of the fashion market but also believes in the universal choice and keeping the classic, divine and charming look and feel in mind. His end product is one which gives the customer a regal, elegant, high-toned look and feels for any given occasion.
 Abhinav Vyaas, an engineer by profession from Mumbai was excited to share that he witnessed the full making of his designer wear for his marriage. He was updated about each detail at each level during the production process and his approval was taken for each ingredient. “I could never look better, Meraj actually presented me in a new avatar”, said Vyaas. This justifies the positioning statement of the band ‘Meraj, Ek Pehchaan’.
Many customers stated during primary data collection that the designer team of Meraj extended their mental horizons with respect to innovation. Out of the box thinking of designers helped them to comprehend what can be the best fit on their personalities.
Label Meraj hosted Bangalore Times Fashion Week 2018 which was held on May 22 to 25 May. It was also a part of various fashions League such as India Glam Fashion Week, Kerala Fashion League 2017 and 2018, etc. Using the blue ocean strategy of marketing, Meraj is on its journey to success by catering the HNI and high middle-income level customers. They have achieved sound sustainability in business. The interesting part of the story is that celebrities of Mumbai have also been enticed by the value driven unique products of Meraj. Recently, many TV and Film actors preferred the label Meraj over established brands of Mumbai. This has encouraged the management to further raise the bar in the Fashion Industry of Bangalore. They have been the talk of the town and most sought after brand amongst IT professional from Bangalore, now have become a challenge to the Fashion Industry of Mumbai as well. This story is provided by NewsVoir. (ANI)