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Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej with Merck Foundation Alumni
Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej with Merck Foundation Alumni

Merck Foundation calls for application for scholarships for doctors in critical and underserved specialties in Africa and developing countries

ANI | Updated: Nov 03, 2021 14:55 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]/Monrovia [Liberia], November 3 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Merck Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany announced the call for applications for medical training scholarships for healthcare providers in critical and underserved specialities for medical graduates from Africa and developing countries.
Senator, Dr Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation explained, "We strongly believe that building professional healthcare capacity and train healthcare providers is the right strategy to transform patient care in the public sector in Africa and developing countries. I am happy to announce the call for applications for scholarships for young local doctors in many critical underserved medical specialties. Our aim is to provide access to quality and equitable healthcare solutions by building professional capacity. I feel beyond proud that more than 1200 doctors from 44 countries have already benefitted from Merck Foundation scholarships in various critical and underserved fields such as Oncology, Diabetes, Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine, Endocrinology, Sexual and Reproductive Medicine, Acute Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Embryology & Fertility specialty, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Emergency and Resuscitation Medicine, Critical Care, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Neonatal Medicine, Advanced Surgical Practice, Pain Management, Urology, General Surgery, Clinical Microbiology and infectious diseases, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, Trauma & Orthopedics, Neuroimaging for research Biotechnology in ART and more."
Merck Foundation has announced Call for Applications for the following online courses:

How to Apply:
* Applications are to be submitted to: https://merck-foundation.com/Merck-Foundation-Capacity-Advancement-Application-Form
Last Date to apply:
* 31st December' 2021
Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
* All Merck Foundation scholarships are provided to nationals of African Countries, Developing countries, and underserved communities as per the World Human Development Index list of Developing countries. Refer to the link: http://hdr.undp.org/en/content/latest-human-development-index-ranking
* Merck Foundation Scientific Committee and Scientific Committee of Academic Partners will focus on African countries with a special focus on French-speaking and Portuguese speaking and SIDS (Small Islands Developing State), with the aim to build healthcare capacity and transform patient care in the public sector which is under pressure due to its limited resources. Therefore, requests from Ministries of Health (MOH) or Medical Societies are preferable. In case of individual requests, a recommendation letter from MOH or Medical Societies of these countries will be required to indicate your country's gap in the specific specialty and the objective of improving access to equitable and quality patient care in your community is identified and fulfilled.
* Moreover, Merck Foundation Scientific Committee will take into consideration in the selection process the following factors when it is needed: The Human Development Index, Population and number of eligible applications received from each country, and number of scholarships that have been already provided to each country in such specialties.
* Moreover, Merck Foundation plans to offer English courses to candidates applied from French and Portuguese speaking African countries and also to Latin American countries, to give them an equal opportunity to benefit from the online specialty training which is provided only in English (List of Online courses given above).

* In case of in-campus Clinical Training Scholarship provided in India, such as Fertility and Embryology Training and Oncology Fellowship, interpreters will be provided to non-English speaking scholars throughout their training program.
* Ministries of Health and Medical Societies of African and Developing countries can submit requests to: info@merck-foundation.com
Merck Foundation may require a Financial statement to prove the monthly income - One-month Salary/ Payslip or Salary Statement or 3 months Bank statement, for official purposes.
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