Dr Vaibhav Shah
Dr Vaibhav Shah

Mumbai based Dr Vaibhav Shah gives free Hair Transplant to acid and burn girl victims

ANI | Updated: Oct 05, 2020 19:26 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India],October 5 (ANI/India PR Distribution): Dr Vaibhav Shah well-known clinic for hair transplants in Mumbai whenever we talk about hair transplants in Mumbai. Dr Vaibhav Shah comes top on the list. After post-graduation in surgery and fellowship in cosmetic facial surgery in Borivali, Mumbai. . Dr Vaibhav Shah started very first hair transplant in Borivali Mumbai.
Leader in Hair transplant in Mumbai -
In year 2010 Dr Vaibhav Shah who is pioneered in hair transplant in Mumbai established his dedicated and very much exclusive clinic for hair transplant in Mumbai, it's been almost 10 year & with dedication exclusive results and extraordinary care has made Dr Vaibhav Shah clinic as most trusted hair transplant in Mumbai.
Most accessible clinic for Hair Transplant in Mumbai -
Most strategic location at Dr Vaibhav Shah has made him accessible to south Mumbai to Surat. If you want to reach Dr Vaibhav shah than just come to Borivali railway station. From Borivali railway station Dr Vaibhav Shah is just so steps away situated at paras business center & adjoin to Kasturba station.
As Borivali railway station is a big junction and almost all outstation trains stop at Borivali has made Dr Vaibhav Shah performs super the exclusive technique of hair transplant. During harvesting at Dr Vaibhav Shah they first just separated the graft from the adjacent issue using specialized punches after Separative graft Dr Vaibhav Shah do not take than out from SCALP after around 40 to 45 minutes of graft separation, they remove all hair graft at a time such method of working allow natural blood supply to hair graft ensure the best survival rate of graft.
Technology-driven Hair transplant in Mumbai -

To maintain the highest standard of hair transplant Dr Vaibhav Shah is using all titanium-based instruments SP 90 swan Morton surgical blade for the scarless result of hair transplant and Dr Vaibhav Shah himself is involved in the complete procedure which has made hair transplant famous throughout the world Dr Vaibhav Shah has given established to Mumbai as the city of medical tourism. Dr Vaibhav Shah great experience of serving people from all around the globe and of different ethics whenever anyone looks for hair transplant in Mumbai than undoubtedly Dr Vaibhav Shah is first choice safety of the patient is given extra importance at Dr Vaibhav Shah hair transplant in Mumbai Dr Shah performs needed laboratory blood tests to check fitness for the patient measure are always taken at Dr Vaibhav Shah hair transplant in Mumbai to avoid all kind of infection
Care to be taken after Hair transplantation-
Ever after hair transplant scab removal and washing of operated area is done at clinic such highest care is available in Mumbai with the tag of the brand name of Dr Vaibhav Shah hair transplant in Mumbai also provides an extraordinary result in higher grade of baldness involve hairline to crown and very much limited donor area is available for transplant than its big ambiguity for people who has such a problem body hair like beard or chest hair can be used for better density in transplant but the biggest drawback of body hair is they are little thin and unable to give good results to overcome this short full Dr Vaibhav hair transplant in Mumbai started very unique and satisfying solutions.
More hair, more happiness in Hair transplant in Mumbai by Dr Vaibhav Shah -
In the limited donor area Dr Vaibhav Shah combine the strips method i.e. FUT (follicular unit transplant) which helps to yield over 3000 to 3500 graft by such unique method Dr Vaibhav Shah hair transplant in Mumbai is made their name well known in the community of bald men.
World destination for Hair transplant in Mumbai with the highest standard -
Dr Vaibhav Shah Hair transplant in Mumbai is also well known due to their post-operative care management. They generally prefer to give Low Level Laser therapy which is also called as Laser hair growth helmet. Such LLLT laser ensures the scalp PH and helps to maintain the acidic PH of the scalp. It also inhibits the DHT secretion which is the main cause for male pattern hair loss. Medical washes, Post-surgery LASER, and personal attention by Dr Vaibhav Shah has made Dr Vaibhav Shah, Top Hair transplant in Mumbai.
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