NCCL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NCDEX
NCCL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NCDEX

NCCL restructures delivery margin facility to bring financial liquidity

ANI | Updated: Mar 11, 2019 16:11 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Mar 11 (ANI): National Commodity Clearing Limited (NCCL) on Monday announced that it is offering an adjustment of delivery margin (cash) with delivery pay-in obligation to create a strong risk management system and provide a sound market framework to value chain participants.
The wholly-owned subsidiary of National Commodity Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) said with this endeavour, the largest agri-commodity clearing corporation is striving to help market participants efficiently manage their fund requirement.
In this process, a member can submit a request to adjust the cash deposited in additional base capital towards delivery pay-in obligation. The benefit for adjustment will be extended to the extent of delivery margin charged on long positions marked for delivery.
"This will remove the need of interim arrangement of funds to meet settlement obligations till delivery margins were released by NCCL," said Managing Director and CEO Rajiv Relhan.
"Being a leading agricultural commodity exchange, NCDEX strives to empower the value chain participants by creating the right environment for better price discovery and counter-party risk mitigation," he said in a statement.
The institutional promoters and shareholders of NCDEX are prominent players in their respective fields, and bring with them institutional building experience, trust, nation-wide reach, technology and risk management skills. (ANI)