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New age tech backed real estate company named Spazeden launches in Australia

ANI | Updated: Oct 16, 2020 18:51 IST

New Delhi [India], October 16 (ANI/Media Dekho): As we all now there are lot of real estate companies in the market but there are only a few who have made it big.
One of the latest companies that has recently launched is Spazeden. Spazeden is headquartered in Australia and is expanding globally. They are soon to start operations in India, Canada, UK and USA. It's Co-founder Darshan Sankhala says that the idea behind launching this company was to create a product which was backed by serious tech which could help find their perfect "Space" or "Den" with outstanding customer experience right from start and maintaining that continual on going customer support.
There has been a lot of research that has gone into creating this right from understanding the smallest finest details that a customer wants. This idea was under working for the last 12 months as they didn't want to launch something without understanding the customer's mindset and shortlisting the best property providers. As of now customers would be able to find their perfect flexible workspace or office space in Australia and in first quarter of 2020 Indian customers would be able to access the same.

Spazeden wants people to earn money their empty office space and their listing process is very simple and easy to understand. Spazeden is on it's way to become one of the best property consultants on the market. They will be soon launching/ listing coliving spaces, residential spaces and provide facilities management solutions to their customers globally.
They have a large team of experts who are continuously researching the current market trends and the tech team is making that into reality. In terms of finding an office it will be absolutely hassle free. They have got lot of point of differences like you will be able to select multiple options and compare them instantly for facilities that are included or not included.
To protect their customers, they will be having a virtual tour option available on their website. Customers will be able to also book a tour instantly rather waiting for a confirmation and saving time for both the providers and customers. Customers and providers also would be a getting a personalised dashboard access to view their shortlisted properties and providers could add or make changes to their inventory like pricing, photos, videos etc.
To add further Darshan says they have got some interest from some investors from India, China and London who are trying to get a bite of it. But currently the Spazeden team wants to only focus on growing their market share and offer the perfect den for their customers.
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