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New Fenesta windows and doors to trackle extream weather conditions in coming winter season
New Fenesta windows and doors to trackle extream weather conditions in coming winter season

New high-tech Fenesta uPVC windows and doors to tackle extreme weather

ANI | Updated: Oct 30, 2019 17:27 IST

New Delhi [India] Oct 30 (ANI/NewsVoir): Winter season signals the onset of one of the prettiest times of the year. However, blustery winds accompanied by heavy downpour play havoc with routine life during this season. But not anymore, as Fenesta Building Systems (Fenesta), a division of USD 1.2 billion DCM Shriram Group, has launched a completely new and high-tech range of uPVC windows and doors to tackle extreme weather conditions and meet the changing needs of Indian consumers.
The latest range includes the improvised versions of uPVC windows which provide complete insulation from rain, wind, noise, and temperature. It blocks cold waves, heavy rains and withstands high-velocity winds of up to 245 kmph without rattling the window panes, which makes them ideal for high rise buildings and heavy monsoon areas.
Being made up of uPVC (Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride), which is a non-conductor and does not transmit heat, these windows offer exceptional natural insulation to building from all-weather extremities.
The new range of windows keeps out unwanted noise and dust due to their high-quality seals and air-tight triples sealing system. They, thus, keep the unwanted outside. This was disclosed by Saket Jain, Business Head, Fenesta, on the eve of the official launch of the company's new anti-noise campaign - "Shut The Shor, Use Fenesta Windows and Doors" (#ShutTheShor) on Radio Mirchi 98.3.
"Noise pollution has moved on from being just an irritant to a big nuisance. There is enough research to illustrate how constant exposure to noise can affect our physical and emotional health. This campaign will draw the attention of our customers to take a simple measure of installing Fenesta uPVC windows and doors in their houses and offices to eliminate noise pollution from their lives and ensure complete peace of mind for them and their families", added Jain.
Fenesta, which is India's no 1 window and doors brand, has launched this new campaign to raise awareness and offer an apt solution about the menace of ever-increasing noise pollution in India. The first leg of the campaign on Radio Mirchi 98.3 saw RJ Naved celebrate 'Shorless Diwali' with the hearing impaired children. Besides, Radio, the campaign has been simultaneously launched on various digital and social media platforms.
"Fenesta is committed to continuously evolving its product range. It's a matter of great pride for the company that its latest offering boast of an even better sound, air, and waterproofing compared to its existing range, besides providing several unique features like an inbuilt vision control function (in Switch Glass Windows)", said Susmita Nag, Head of Sales and Marketing at Fenesta Building Systems.
"Switch Glass windows are a revolutionary window solution that gives you the flexibility to control the vision of your glass windows at a click of your remote. Its piezoelectric effect lets the glass switch from opaque to clear, thus ensuring freedom from the headache of maintaining curtains, shades or blinds. When the power inside a room is off, liquid crystals are scattered, turning the glass opaque. When you switch on the power, the crystals align themselves, turning the glass clear and open to scenic views", claimed Nag.
"Apart from Switch Glass windows, Fenesta has introduced Lift and Slide Windows, Slide and Fold Windows, Villa Windows, Corner Sliders, Trims, Georgian Bars and internal doors in its new range of feature-rich products with timeless aesthetics. The idea is to introduce the most innovative designs that will transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary masterpiece", she added.
A Villa Window is a rare combination of style, substance, sealing, and security. It is the only uPVC casement in the world with a twin sash, a bug mesh and a grill built into the system. This apart, Villa Windows ensure protection from mosquitoes, other insects and theft without sacrificing on ventilation. They also reduce heat loss and noise infiltration due to dual seal and multi-chambered design besides providing insulation from rain, dust, and pollution.
Corner Sliders are perfect for turning cozy nooks into corner balconies or garden spaces; these are fitting designs for contemporary spaces. They also come with an integrated bug screen and efficient sealing, keeping away pests, noise, rain, and even dust. Trims make windows stand out as an architectural focal point, enhancing the overall appeal. One can choose from an array of the brand's door and window trim styles to add a distinctive element to his/her home. Similarly, through Georgian Bar, the company has tried to reproduce the stunning effect of Georgian or Victorian windows. Georgian bars improve the aesthetic value of homes while bringing you closer to nature.
Fenesta has also launched an all-new range of its state-of-the-art internal doors made up of hybrid polymer. Available in both plain and designer finish, these doors combine the aesthetics of wood and durability of the polymer. They are waterproof, decay proof, termite proof and do not witness any expansion or contraction, cracking or fading. They also do not need any coat of paint ever in their entire life.
Benefits of Fenesta uPVC windows
UPVC windows are being widely used and thus gaining immense popularity in today's world as they have clear advantages above all the materials that were being used in the past. Some of the major benefits offered by Fenesta uPVC windows include:
* Naturally insulated: uPVC windows keep homes and offices cooler in summers and warmer in winters because of their exceptional thermal insulation.
* Saves electricity cost: They are sustainable, environment-friendly and help in lowering electricity consumption by up to 30 per cent as uPVC windows cut air conditioning costs significantly.
* Weatherproof, termite proof and durable: They are durable and have a longer shelf life as they do not corrode, rust or swell with time. Besides, they are also heat and weatherproof, termite-proof and age resistant. Fenesta windows once installed do not fade over the entire lifetime of the building.
* Dustproof: Due to their air-tight seals, uPVC windows keep dust and pollen away from your home; improving indoor air quality and decreasing respiratory illnesses and impacting the overall quality of human life positively. They, thus, keep allergies at bay.
* Noise proof: These windows are noise proof as they keep unwanted noise out. A recent research revealed that uPVC windows reduce noise by a minimum of 30 decibels.
* Block even heavy rain and high-velocity wind: They even block heavy rain and withstand high-velocity winds of up to 245 kmph, which makes them ideal for high rise buildings and heavy monsoon areas. These windows are made unique by a special 'Hurricane Bar' to resist heavy winds and a 'Rain Track' that drains rainwater outside thereby effectively preventing it from seeping indoors.
* They are low on maintenance costs as they do not require paint or polishing. At the same time, they are high on aesthetics as they are available in diverse hues and textures.
* Environment-friendly: They are made up of materials that do not deplete precious natural resources.
* They are 100 per cent customisable to suit the preferred choice of discerning homemakers and architects alike.
* They come with a ten-year warranty and excellent sales and service support, ensuring total peace of mind.
* Ample ventilation and increased sunlight: Ease of use allows ample ventilation and increased sunlight in the house.
* The new range of Fenesta windows are easy to install and replace. The company's dedicated engineers do hassle-free installation and replacement.
* The new uPVC windows and door system has an international look and feel. uPVC windows offer the possibility of larger window sizes that provide wider and unrestricted views. This helps customers to design large openings that can stretch from floor to ceiling.
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