NewsDistill is Now PublicVibe

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Hyderabad [India], Apr.5 (ANI-Businesswire India):NewsDistill is proud to announce its new name PublicVibe, the smart vernacular news platform, based in Hyderabad. The name change reflects the company's broader commitment and its proficiency to deliver instant and personalized news updates as they happen, needed to shape the future of vernacular news aggregation through its digital technology. Commenting on the name change of the company, Mr. Narasimha Reddy, CEO, PublicVibe (formerly NewsDistill) said, "This is indeed a big move for the company as we are evolving and this is in line with our future roadmap. This name change better reflects the current and future direction of the company." "The logo reflects ever-evolving spirit of our company and urge to deliver news to our users instantly with a rich and vibrant user interface. Our aim is to sense the public pulse and radiate it precisely for users to stay abreast with latest happenings", he further added. PublicVibe (formerly NewsDistill) provides instant neighborhood news starting from villages to metro cities in India. The topic based news aggregation engine categorizes entire newsfeed into topics and subtopics across all regional languages. So that user can read news without noise. Talking about enhancements, he stated, "We are improving our recommendation engine to understand overall behaviour, personal and social activities of a news reader to recommend news accurately. For example, if you are going for a movie, we recommend you the trailers, movie reviews, interviews etc before you head off. We are coming up with many other interesting features like this in the next few months. Soon PublicVibe can become your personal news assistant to provide real-time news updates that are completely personalized to you." As part of the latest update of PublicVibe (formerly NewsDistill), user interface in Android app is enhanced to give you the best news reading experience. Bhaskar Reddy, Vice President-Marketing said, "In the latest version 2.3, PublicVibe has onboarded fun and entertaining content through videos, GIF's and pictures. Also, English news feed is categorized into 500+ sub categories." The first stable version of our Android app was launched in March 2016, and since then it has got a tremendous response. We will be coming up with an updated iOS app in couple of weeks. Regional language users contribute to over 75 percent of the total traffic of the app. This is proof that the stand out model indicates the potential of the regional language news in India. The new name is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company products.(ANI-Businesswire India)