Nirvana Realty partners with Singapore-based holiday home rental venture

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Sept.21 (ANI-Businesswire India): Nirvana Realty, one of India's leading and most trusted names in the weekend homes segment announced its association with Singapore Based Hospitality Venture In India, Nirvana Realty has given us some of our most innovative projects in recent times such as Bollywood-themed weekend homes Wollywood in Wada and music-themed township City of Music in Khopoli. Taking its ambition of providing innovative holiday solutions to its patrons, Nirvana has partnered with TripVillas - Asia's leading holiday rental company. TripVillas, one of the largest organised players in the space facilitates approximately $40 mn of Holiday Rentals per year with a market share of close to 25%. The Vacation Rental Industry in Asia is about $150 mn and in India the trend is picking up soon. Holiday Homes offer twice the space for the same cost as a hotel room. Typical yields from Holiday Home rentals are 9-10% - close to 3 times from Long Term leases. In addition holiday homes in Asia have performed exceedingly well as cities have expanded converting into potential first home destinations. With this association being one of the firsts of its kind in India, weekend homeowners can now enjoy not just their luxurious holiday home but also the additional income that it generates all-year-through! Additionally, this can be availed of without any monthly maintenance charges & absolutely no hassle on the upkeep of the property. This pioneering concept has never been done before! Traditional holiday rental plans have many system-created inconveniences that this innovative new partnership is designed to overcome. Under this unique program, holiday rental income is in-built by design into income from all portfolios under the Nirvana brand. This ensures that income from every source makes its way to the revenue pool. Holiday homeowners have the freedom to enjoy living in their property whenever they please, and keep it open for rental only when they choose to. This means your holiday plans are never inconvenienced because of the rental arrangement. Moreover, their property will be managed at world-class levels with TripVillas experienced, global team. All the ground management facilities of TripVillas will be available to owners of Nirvana Realty holiday homes. To make tracking your property's performance easier, TripVillas will provide the owners the fully-loaded income-tracking suite where all the smallest details pertaining to your property is illustrated. The very experienced on-ground management team of TripVillas will ensure that every visit to your property is a luxurious, happy one. If this isn't the perfect holiday home, nothing will be! The first 2 properties that will be soon live on TripVillas are Bollywood-themed weekend homes Wollywood in Wada and music-themed township City of Music in Khopoli. Said Mr. Punit Agarwal, CEO - Nirvana Realty, "We've always aspired to create the best holiday experiences for our customers. Whether it's owning the perfect home or generating income from it when it's idle, we read our customers' minds even before they say it. Investing in a home is an expensive affair and we know that any additional income that a property can generate, is welcome. We also understand that when one invests in a holiday home, they wish to enjoy unwinding there on lazy weekends and family holidays. Which is why we curated this very special programme with TripVillas. Their vast experience will make sure that all our homeowners have nothing but the best at their disposal. This pioneering initiative was born out of our deep desire to give all our buyers the most value for their investment. We can proudly say this initiative is unparalleled in the sector. Only Nirvana Realty gives you this incredible option that brings to you, the best of both worlds!" Mr. Roshan D'Silva, CEO - TripVillas said, "We are pleased to partner with Nirvana Realty - one of the leading developers of holiday homes around Mumbai. TripVillas is extremely choosy about the developers we partner with and we were impressed with the efforts that both Nirvana and Disha Direct have put into their projects - to build unique themed developments incorporating Bollywood and Music. We are confident that these developments will stand out as unique and will become destinations in themselves for those looking for a quick getaway from Mumbai. TripVillas will bring its entire set of income generation solutions to ensure that the investors in these developments generate better than market returns with full transparency." Disha Direct, the leaders in weekend home marketing organisation facilitated this collaboration. Commenting on the same, Mr. Santosh Naik, Managing Director Disha Direct said, "Disha Direct is happy to announce the association of Nirvana Group and TripVillas. This association is the beginning of a new era in the weekend homes segment especially for investors who are not investing in residential properties in cities due to high rates and low rental yields. We give them the opportunity to invest in outskirts of the city at low costs with good rental returns. The investment starts at as low as Rs. 15 lakhs. As cities expand these locations will eventually become first home destinations giving good capital appreciation for our customers. I am sure we will get great response to our IEE (Invest, Enjoy and Earn) offer in which customers will be able enjoy their weekend without worrying about maintenance, earn rental income and gain good returns with capital appreciation. If you have been looking for the perfect holiday home that brings you the joys of a luxurious home you can call your own, with the great benefit of a handsome additional income, look no further than Nirvana's Realty's unique new plan. With Nirvana's trusted name coupled with TripVillas' robust ground support and world-class hospitality, you can be assured that you've got the best deal that's possible. Go check out your options today and be the smart, proud owner of an income-generating holiday home today! (ANI-Businesswire India)