Nitin Rajkumar Chopda.
Nitin Rajkumar Chopda.

Nitin Rajkumar Chopda is all set to introduce luxe culture in India with his new venture Beyond Luxe LLP

ANI | Updated: Oct 19, 2020 16:48 IST

New Delhi [India], October 19 (ANI/Media Dekho): Nitin Rajkumar Chopda, Founder-Director-Partner, Beyond Luxe LLP, recently announced his brand new venture which is gearing up to commence from December 2020.
"As the name itself exhibits the ray of opulence and luxury. Beyond luxe LLP is an experience to add up a delightful memory to enhance your rendezvous diaries. We are importing the world's best spirits of unique blends right from the place of their origin and other famous distilleries," said Nitin Rajkumar Chopda, while talking about his new venture Beyond Luxe LLP.
"Our aim is to appeal and include the purest by meeting the exacting demands of cognoscenti and their refined taste. The global award highlights the excellence of our products and the exquisite sublime experience it gives. We have strictly followed the stringent measures of hygiene and transportation and leave no stone unturned to give our consumers the value of their money. We have other stringent measure in place to follow the pandemic protocols," he added, while talking further about his aim, vision and brand differentiator.

Any out-of-the-box business structure would need a specific strategy to sustain in this competitive market. "Commencing any new project which is subjective to deep knowledge and dedication and experience. And, I would say I am fortunate to be associated with the gentlemen who are the pillars and mentor to me and have the treasure of experiences to lead the project Pan India- Vivek. Jain from Udaipur and Ajay Sharma from Haryana who, believed in my vision and did built up a rock-solid network of all possible resources across the country to Beyond Luxe LLP and did bring it to a massive platform. Along with my partners we have an experienced and batch of young and enthusiastic sales and marketing team who have poured their heart to display and introduce the products to the consumers as well as there are many surprises to be announced for the launch," he said, on this.
Nitin being from the Royal family of Raipur Chhattisgarh, he didn't follow his family business. "I was always raised with awe-inspiring blend of conventional values and progressive thoughts. We are three brothers and I am the youngest and consider myself luckiest that my family was always supportive of my passions. I was given an all access pass to follow my dreams and lead a life I wanted to lead. My father Rajkumar Chopda gave me immense support. He taught me failures too give us a fruit of learning. He himself is a son of a great human being, a gentle and the humblest soul, who is the source of all the power and royalty in our family Manohar Chopda, my father and him share the same bond I share with my dad. He is my role model and my mother Pramila Chopda kept me grounded and encouraged me to never give up on my dreams," he tells.
Nitin branched out to become an entrepreneur to explore and introduce the luxe culture in India. "I love to travel and try all amazing blends that are offered around the world. Many were excellent and many others surprised my taste buds. I wandered why these incredible products and blends are never introduced in our country. Hence, Beyond Luxe LLP was born. Yet it took time for things to fall in place. But now we are ready. I love India, its diverse states and vibrant cultures. There are many states where royalties still dwell. Yet , there is one common thread that binds us all together. Any occasion we want to introduce these intoxicants and refined blends. Though the pandemic has restricted our living, many families still celebrate happy moments within themselves," he concludes.
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