Lakshmamma who has recovered post-surgery, with her family and Surgeon Dr Vasudev Prabhu, Senior Orthopedic,  Apollo Hospitals Sheshadripuram
Lakshmamma who has recovered post-surgery, with her family and Surgeon Dr Vasudev Prabhu, Senior Orthopedic, Apollo Hospitals Sheshadripuram

Nonagenarian undergoes successful hip-surgery at Apollo Hospitals

ANI | Updated: Mar 12, 2019 17:35 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India] March 12 (ANI): It’s never an easy task to walk again on your own when you have a fall at the age of 98 and fractured your hip. The lower body is immobile and the patient needs to be cared for long. Doctors say that the chance of success for patients undergoing surgery (hip-replacement) after an age of 75 years is minimal.
When no alternatives are available and pain relief is to be provided immediately, hip-replacement surgery is the best alternative, to relieve a painful hip joint which makes walking easier in osteoporotic bones. With advancements in patient care reaching new heights, here is an example of a successful case of hip-replacement surgery performed on a nonagenarian - Lakshmamma, who had a fall resulting in a hip fracture.
Dr Vasudev Prabhu, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon, and his team of doctors from Apollo Hospitals, Sheshadripuram have accomplished a hip-replacement for Lakshmamma who has recovered post-surgery and has been on her own for almost a year now.
Dr Prabhu informed that the patient had already undergone a hip-surgery on the right hip earlier 10 years back. The fall in March 2018 had resulted in the left hip needing replacement instead of the plate and screw due to age-related problems. The patient was immobile and had difficulty even to get a bedpan.
What made this surgery challenging was the risks involved. At that age risk factors included osteoporotic bones, Suboptimal lungs and cardiac status and high chances of pulmonary embolism due to immobilization. All the efforts paid off when the patient starting to walk the next day of surgery with the help of support staff.
Risk factors while operating a 98-year-old
·         Osteoporotic bones
·         Sub Optimal Lungs
·         Cardiac status
·         Pulmonary embolism
Dr Anitha, a granddaughter of Lakshmamma, informed that within eight hours after consultation with the Dr Vasudev Prabhu, the patient was ready for the surgery the next day. The patient was anaemic, and the blood had to be transfused to perform the aforesaid procedure. The confidence instilled in the patient, the will to stand on her own legs did it for the patient whose hip bone was replaced and a day after; she was able to walk with the support of medical staff & the physiotherapists at Apollo Hospitals, Sheshdripuram.
Within 12 days, the patient was mobilized to Tumkur where she now lives a healthy life. Dr Anita and the patient’s family are in full praise and respect for the team of Doctors. The patient is walking towards completing her 100 years and the team of doctors wish her a healthy long life. This story is provided by NewsVoir. (ANI)