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Oasis Fertility's groundbreaking initiative to beat COVID apprehensions with IVF @Home

ANI | Updated: Sep 29, 2020 17:02 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India] September 29 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Oasis Fertility - leaders in fertility care, announced the unveiling of a groundbreaking initiative, 'IVF @Home' to beat the COVID apprehensions and fears patients have while seeking treatment at hospitals, in these unprecedented times.
This is the first such initiative in the country, where IVF is being provided at the doorstep of the fertility care seeker.
The sections of the population impacted significantly by COVID are couples aspiring to be parents through IVF treatment. However, the pandemic compelled them to postpone the decision and continue to do so even now as the fear of COVID infection hasn't subsided and apprehensions of visiting a hospital continue.
Most couples opting for IVF treatment are those who exhausted all other options of conceiving children, in the process would have frittered away valuable years, some even crossing their prime reproductive years.
Any further delay in seeking IVF care may permanently close the window of opportunity for many, as they would get biologically older to bear healthy offspring. To address the concerns and fulfill the dreams of such aspiring parents, Oasis Fertility is launching the 'IVF @Home.'
"Infertility is a global public health issue and in India, one in six couples suffer from infertility, the chances of a woman getting pregnant actually deteriorates with every passing month hence it is believed that couples who make it to a fertility clinic immediately after trying to have a baby naturally for a year have got higher chances for conception. It's also a fact that a woman with a positive attitude has a higher chance of getting pregnant than a woman who has stress. A recent study found that women with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that correlates with stress, have a harder time getting pregnant" said Dr Durga G Rao, Medical Director and Co-Founder, Oasis Fertility.
"We realized that patients are scared to seek IVF treatments during COVID times and are under a lot of stress, therefore we came up with a very innovative, unique, and first of its kinds idea of offering all our deserving patients a solution of IVF treatment at home," she added.

Oasis Fertility has framed a comprehensive SOP for providing care through IVF Care @home, from the insights gained over a decade in treating patients. As per the SOP, treatment will be provided at the patient's home through contactless patient engagement, the visits to the clinic are restricted now.
A dedicated Nursing Manager will render customized, flexible White Gloves Medical Support and ensure periodic Virtual Doctor Consultations. The nurse assigned to each patient is trained to carry out treatment protocols at the patient's home.
IVF journey during the pre COVID period involved about 14 to 16 visits by the patient to the clinic, prior to embryo transfer to the women. The visits to Clinic through IVF @Home, are now curtailed to four including for Ultrasound scans, while the rest of the treatment is rendered at home.
"This is definitely a forward-thinking initiative to reach out to the patients in the current unprecedented circumstances and fulfill their dreams of parenthood in the secure confines of their homes. The protocols are framed scrupulously to be breach-proof as we take IVF treatment out of the clinic to the patient's doorstep," said Dr Sandeep, Clinical Head, Oasis Fertility.
"Oasis Fertility has been at the forefront of innovation and clinical excellence, during COVID times we have created some robust SOP's to treat our patients as the safety of the patients is our highest concern. We are launching this very unique initiative of IVF @Home, to enable patients to avail of the opportunity of fertility treatment from the comfort of their homes. A dedicated Nursing manager will be allocated who keeps monitoring the treatment remotely with virtual consultations with our doctors and a nurse would be deployed at patients home to monitor, give injections and get the investigations done from the comfort of the patients home, we also would be extending white gloves medical support to the patients at home," said Kiran Gadela, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Oasis Fertility.
"We are very excited to launch IVF Care @Home which can bring smiles to thousands of childless couples who have always desired to have a child, but due to COVID scare are not venturing out. With this, the stimulation, monitoring, injections all part of IVF Care will be done at home, the only occasions when the patient has to visit the Clinic are for the egg pick up and its transfer," said Dr Krishna, Scientific Head and Chief Embryologist, Oasis Fertility.
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