Ola thrice as large as the nearest competitor courtesy Truecaller Report

| Updated: Dec 19, 2016 23:05 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 19 (ANI): Truecaller's True Insights report for Q3 that analyses the cab sharing and e-commerce industries in India has been released. According to the report the number of calls conducted between Ola and its customers has been pegged at a whopping 85 million, making Ola three times as large as the nearest competitor. "Every third party report over the last 12-18 months has recognized that Ola is the most preferred choice of mobility in India. The Ola platform serves the largest number of customers across a range of categories in 102 cities across the country. As we realize our mission of building mobility for a billion Indians, we continue to build more relevant offerings for specific use cases and innovate on technology, to solve for real local needs," said COO Ola Cabs, Pranay Jivrajka. As per the details, the call volumes to a car service fell slightly to 2.07 billion calls in Q3. Now, this is either because growth has stalled for these car services, or more likely, companies are improving their service so that fewer calls are required per ride. The modest decline in call volume was felt fairly evenly across all types of ridesharing with all five sections seeing fewer calls in Q3. The total amount of calls between Ola Cabs and Uber is unmoved in Q3. Even with Uber doubling-down on India after its exit from China. The quarter we also decided to look at how many unique Truecaller users made calls to ridesharing service. Overall, around 34 million users made or received a call to a ridesharing number within the last three months. In Delhi alone, 3.8 million users made or received a total of 348 million calls in this period to ridesharing numbers, which is an average of roughly 90 calls per quarter (or a call a day.) It seems clear that those who use ridesharing services do so quite often and are in frequent contact with drivers. Regionally, Ola Cabs is most popular in Delhi, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh while Uber sees more usage in Mumbai (its 3rd largest market) behind Delhi and Andhra Pradesh. And finally, when looking at incoming vs. outgoing calls over this entire period, we see that Ola Cabs made 65 million calls to its users in Q3, while 19 million calls were made by users - which accounted for 85 million calls between Ola Cabs and its users. Uber users received 23 million calls from the company in Q2, and called the company five to six million times, which totaled 29 million calls. (ANI)