Orix Rentec Corporation making a mark leasing hi-tech equipment

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Sept.22 (ANI): Senior management of Orix Rentec Corporation have said the company has producing quality electronic measuring devices, including science and environmental analysis equipment, IT-related machinery and medical equipment. Hideki Togawa, General Manager (Business Development Division) of the ORIX Rentec Corporation, said, "Through measuring devices leasing business, our company has been maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with plants and research institutes of leading manufacturers. Above all, the most notable ones are the correction businesses. Since its establishment in 1976, the company's correction techniques of quality control and maintenance have accumulated in addition to machinery leasing. Under the environment of established traceability towards national and international standards, the engineers who are capable to handle multiple domestic and international models conduct correction tasks. Togawa added, "When examining a new business, the fields and products that have synergy with the existing businesses has been the top priority." On the 3D CAD data, 3D printer, he said, "The amazing part of a 3D printer is that it is either weight reduction or sophisticated shapes, these structures can be turned into reality." Togawa said, "Clients have various requests on the new products of cooperative robots or infrastructure robots, such as for testing or inspection needs, robot teaching, or technical support for rental needs. We want to differentiate from other companies by making product design according to those requests. Combined with today's manufacturing knowhow of Japan, we consider there is possibility to create new values that didn't exist before." (ANI)