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Paramount Bed Indonesia

Paramount bed making key contribution to Indonesia's healthcare

ANI | Updated: Feb 04, 2019 15:38 IST

Jakarta [Indonesia], Feb 4 (ANI): More than half of hospitals in Indonesia have adopted products of Paramount Bed, one of the top makers of nursing beds in Japan.
Paramount Bed Indonesia is known as the famous nursing bed maker that contributes in various fields, especially medical and nursing care, not only by providing products but also by developing worker’s skill.
K-House is the second showroom of Paramount Bed Indonesia opened in 2016.
Paramount Bed Indonesia started producing its product since 1995 and has been contributing in many sectors in Indonesia, especially medical for more than 20 years.
At present, besides the hospitals in Indonesia, there is increasing demand for nursing beds for private use too.
Indonesia has one of the fastest increasing populations in the world, along with a rising number of aged people year by year at the same time.
“In recent years, many customers are using the nursing bed at home. Indonesia has a large population of youth in comparison to Japan, however, we can expect an increase in the population of old people in the future. Paramount Bed is the top maker of nursing bed in Japan. We would like to develop and produce a lot of better products for Indonesia by know-how from Japan,” Director of Paramount Bed Indonesia Takayuki Kitajima said.
“We would like to continue to produce a better and higher quality of product and want to appeal our ‘Made in Indonesia product’ to the world. We, Paramount Bed Indonesia will do the best with the growth of country of Indonesia. The long term of contribution to the medical field through Japanese technology continue to support and stand by people in Indonesia,” Kitajima added.
Products which are produced in the domestic factories are displayed so that the customers who need these products for private or hospital use can have time to check and try them with the guidance of reliable staff.
“We would like to contribute to better house care treatment, especially for patients. Using regular bed at home for a patient is not quite comfortable for the house care treatment. We would like to provide a better way of treatment for the patient through our products,” said Sovina Ekananda Putri from Paramount Bed Indonesia.
Paramount Indonesia, once in a year, hosts a seminar in K-house based on the theme of “Patient Safety” to introduce the latest know-how and help to develop skills for nurses in Indonesia.
The speaker, at this year's seminar was an expert in medical care from Japan. (ANI)