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Pearson India launches new series of comprehensive English books

ANI | Updated: Oct 30, 2018 16:43 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 30 (NewsVoir): Pearson India, the digital learning company has launched new series of English books - “Magic Strokes” and “New Images Next”.
The books are ideal for students and teachers as they aim at developing and mastering English language skills to be future-ready. Each series captures the essence of a unique pedagogical approach based on natural learning cycle.
“We are committed to offering high quality, comprehensive education material authored by finest authors to the students in India. We aim at developing models that suit the needs of learners and our new books are an effort in the same direction. It’s a fact-based approach and we are confident that the books will act as a guide to help learners master the essential language skills to be future-ready,” said Yatin Naik, Director - Products, Pearson India.
“This pedagogy focuses on skill building and conceptual clarity. It is about building language skills, having conceptual understanding of literary concepts, enhancing application of English in other fields.” He added.
Magic Strokes is a board-inclusive product and the course is aligned with GSE (Global Scale of English), developed by Pearson. GSE measures language proficiency comprehensively. Modern psycho-pedagogy, constructivism, which forms the basis of its learning experiences, makes the book appealing to all learning styles and preferences.
Each grade, 1 to 8, comprises three books - Ascent, Arch and Apex. It a unique a-la-carte course to suit the needs of every learner. Arch is an ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening) course. It includes listening comprehension activities, phonics and projects. Apex focuses on reading and vocabulary and includes a rich selection of stories, poems, non-fiction pieces and folktales from across the world.
It also includes detailed lexis tables, interesting vocabulary activities and projects. Ascent focuses on grammar and writing and includes detailed explanation of grammar rules, interactive grammar activities, writing prototypes along with interesting writing activities and projects.
“Due to the ever-changing industry dynamics, the importance of the English language has increased manifold in the last few years. With the new series of books, we have tried to create a modular skill-based course to help learners develop language skills in a focused manner. These books will act as resourceful guides and provide a holistic learning experience to students. We look forward to developing the scope and reach of each of these series with Pearson,” said Author, Magic Strokes & New Images Next, Vasanthi Vasudev.
New Images Next is the 10th anniversary revised edition of the bestseller from Pearson in the ELT K−12 segment and comprises 8 grades including three books - The Class Book (or Coursebook), Home Book (or Workbook) and Storybook (or Literature Reader).
The unique series immaculately applies the 8-step approach to whole-brain development. It is an ambitious endeavour to develop comprehensive English language skills in learners while nurturing in them relevant life skills for holistic development. The series aims to prepare learners to become successful in a complex, interconnected and changing world. (NewsVoir)