Quinn Hygiene introduces Liquid Guard - A permanent solution against Covid-19

ANI | Updated: Jul 22, 2020 12:27 IST

New Delhi [India], July 20 (ANI/Digpu): While the world is still gripped by the fear of the deadly pandemic that has put everyone's life to a shocking halt, Quinn Hygiene has come up with a foolproof and permanent solution.
Liquid Guard, a surface coating that makes all surfaces Covid-19 free for 180 plus days is the answer to 'When can we go back to a normal life?'
Quinn Hygiene has taken a step to prevent the hazardous outcome of contracting the disease via surface transmission. Going one step ahead, they've also introduced a 360° treatment solution that keeps any premises free of 100 plus microbes. This is achieved by disinfecting surfaces, air and HVAC systems.
"The German Nanotechnology based product, Liquid Guard has won the German Innovation Award 2019 and we have all necessary permissions and certifications to proceed with this revolutionary product," said Rajiv K Sanghvi, the founder of Quinn Facilities Management and Quinn Hygiene.
"Where the lockdown has created so much insecurity and instability in all aspects of our lives, Quinn Hygiene's solution will bring back everything to normal as we slowly go ahead with restarting work, businesses and life in general. Prevention is better than cure and we now have a product that is 99.9 per cent effective and gives 180 plus days of protection against the SARS-Cov virus. We can start living our lives again without any fear," added Sanghvi.
Quinn Hygiene's 360° treatment solution focuses on disinfection of all mediums to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Liquid Guard application once for surfaces, D-125 once a month for six months for disinfecting air and Cresol once a month for six months for HVAC systems.
For 180 days, you're in complete safety and protection. This is a revolution in the hygiene and wellness industry. Quinn Hygiene's prompt answer to the many questions the pandemic has raised will certainly be a boon for everyone.
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