Vijay Kumar and Ranodeep Saha
Vijay Kumar and Ranodeep Saha

Rare Planet achieves new heights under Vijay Kumar

ANI | Updated: Jan 27, 2021 23:17 IST

New Delhi [India], January 27 (ANI/ThePRTree): "Excellence comes with time and experience!" A quote proved on point by the well-renowned co-founder of Rare planet, Vijay Kumar, a man who believes that there is no age limit to learn and begin new endeavors'.
Vijay Kumar has over two decades of experience in retail and operations with also merchandising and product development which has led 'Rare Planet' to the heights it is at today.
Rare Planet is an acclaimed platform for the rural artisans of the country to showcase their magic over terracotta products. Making the bewildering products available to the whole world, the Co-Founders, Vijay Kumar and Ranodeep Saha, have established this company with complete dedication and effective mutual efforts.
Starting a company and making it reach the top requires not only hard work but also skill and sophistication to serve the hot ideas on a plate. And that is exactly what Vijay did in the field. Having worked with luxury brands before this, he knows exactly what goes in the background while delivering perfection.
Working on the backend of product development and management, he ensured that every idea that went by in discussions over the round table was executed to the point of perfection. He not only showed his excellence in office but is exactly the same and even more active when it came to the fieldwork. Understanding the basics of making handicrafts, to serve their audience better, he even lived in a bunch of rural villages with families of artisans understanding their processes and way of working.

Hence, he created a backbone with a deep-rooted bonding between the company and its clients. He is engrossed in Indian arts and crafts even beyond the company grounds. His love for the same is what makes it better to understand the background of what Rare Planet does.
The relationship shared between Ranodeep and Vijay is based totally on the highest grounds of regard, compassion and trust on each other. Ranodeep considers him to be the guide one needs to survive in this corporate world. He often mentions how Vijay has always put the company forward and made sure everyone involved working with them, from the artisans to the buyers gets the top-notch quality of everything they are promised.
While talking about the bond the two co-founders share, Ranodeep time and again mentions, "I consider Vijay sir to be the best mentor there could be. He, with his qualitative years of experience in the field, is a major reason that we can sustain in this ever-increasing market. I always look up to him for advice in all the walks of life. I can never thank him enough for the trust he has put in me and in Rare Planet to make it a success today."
A gem like Vijay Kumar is undoubtedly hard to find. With his enthusiasm to uplift, the Indian artisans and a vision to create an entire line just based out of it are what keeps him and Rare Planet going.
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