RAW Pressery expands its offerings in Kochi

| Updated: Oct 04, 2016 23:09 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 4 (ANI): India's first and largest clean label F&B company RAW Pressery has expanded its offerings of delightful flavors and unique concepts to Kerala, through its launch in Kochi. The port city often referred to as 'Queen of the Arabian Sea', witnessed RAW Pressery's pilot launch at LuLu Hypermarket, on the auspicious occasion of Onam. The very first day of the launch saw all products being sold out before the end of the event. The team members, dressed to the nines in traditional Kerala attire also caught a lot of eyeballs. Sugarcane, Valencia Orange, Pomegranate and Mango were the flavors most in demand on the day of launch and bottles sold like hotcakes off the shelves in Kochi as health-enthusiasts loved the taste and texture of these variants. Additionally, the city's market has shown significant inclination and increased demand for green juice variants 'Lean' and 'Trim'. RAW Pressery's non- pasteurized products are made using a cold pressurization process that preserves essential enzymes and nutrients, have no added sugar, additives, colors or chemicals, and are available in leading metropolitan cities across the country. RAW Pressery juices are not only unmatched in terms of freshness, nutrition and taste, but are also packed with anti-oxidants, and are significantly low on fat. "RAW Pressery's launch in Kochi is certain to drive up volumes, since the market base of the city is ideal for our products. Keralites enjoy nutritious and delicious ways to boost their health, which is made extremely convenient with our cold-pressed juice blends. The launch's innovative placement strategies already led to a sold-out first day and our brand engagement is poised to make sales rocket in the region," said Director Sales RAW Pressery, Sreejit Nair. "Entering Kochi with our best-in-breed juice blends is a great opportunity for expanding RAW Pressery's consumer base. Kochi citizens have already displayed an overwhelmingly positive response to our juices and cleanses, which is sound evidence of the fact that we make no compromises with either the taste or the nutritional offerings of our products. Designed in consultation with expert nutritionists, RAW Pressery products are a breakthrough in the Food and Beverage industry. And this year, we celebrate the visit of Lord Mahabali with our own humble visit to the state of Kerala," said Managing Director RAW Pressery, Anuj Rakyan. Kerala's wealth of organic products has led to a deep appreciation for nature by the inhabitants of the state. After all, the tradition of Ayurveda stemmed out of God's Own Country. This rich heritage makes Ernakulam district's Kochi the ideal destination for RAW Pressery's chemical-free juices. The cold-pressed blends have many health-related benefits including prevention of skin ageing, purification of blood and boosting of immunity. The fusion of vegetables, fruits, nuts, super foods and spices makes sure that being healthy is fun and easy. (ANI)