Hanish Bansal, Executive Director of the RG Stone Hospitals
Hanish Bansal, Executive Director of the RG Stone Hospitals

RG Stone Hospitals leading the industry with technology, human touch: A comprehensive urological care with patient centric approach

ANI | Updated: Jan 20, 2020 10:58 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 20 (ANI/PRNewswire): The urology sector in India has been growing substantially. Earlier a very primitive approach was used to tackle the kidney stone or any other urological diseases. But now with the advent of new technology, it is getting more sophisticated and modern.
Being heavily inclined towards lifestyle shift, the problem of stone formation is very frequent and becoming quite common.
As per statistics, 12 per cent of the Indian population suffers from urological diseases, mainly kidney stones. Renal damage comprises half of this percentage, also a major cause of damage and even loss of kidneys.
The numbers themselves are jarring and require strategic intervention. This problem is not anymore confined to a smaller percentage but is growing exponentially. There are other urological diseases like UTIs, prostate cancer which are on the rise.
This automatically calls for advanced and sophisticated diagnostic solutions which cause minimal discomfort to the patients and help them recover sooner and better.
As an agenda, RG Stone Hospitals brought a scope of urological laparoscopy in India. This means the removal of stone with minimally invasive procedures including other urological disorders.
This has various advantages like, no or minimally invasive, shorter hospital stay, precision, and quick recovery.
India's largest chain of urology and laparoscopy since 1987, RG Stone Hospitals has been a provider of comprehensive urological care under one roof. They are the first and only to establish a chain that specializes in urology and laparoscopy with a meritorious record.
"The motto has been to impart urological care which suits the patient, not the hospital. We have and always come with newer technology and treatment modalities that are patient-centric," said Hanish Bansal, Executive Director of RG Stone Hospitals.
Having expertise in one field of healthcare, RG is getting bigger and better with its approach to combating the state of Urological care. This acts as a huge example as to how when a single-speciality instil trust in the masses can provide the best of the industry, all at one place making it convenient for the aggrieved.
Single specialities are more patient-centric than multi-speciality making their environment more conducive and patient-oriented like RG is doing for their consultations. The value and attention which a troubled patient requires is much higher in a single speciality rather than in multi-speciality.
This also leads to medical breakthroughs. Just like in RG, the hospital has treated a young patient of just six months old with kidney stones as well as has treated another of 107 years old. It is a moment of immense pride for the whole nation that RG holds the title of being the world leader in laser, lithotripsy, and laparoscopy.
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