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Rocketize: A truly decentralized cryptocurrency like Monero and Pancakeswap
Rocketize: A truly decentralized cryptocurrency like Monero and Pancakeswap

Rocketize: A truly decentralized cryptocurrency like Monero and Pancakeswap

ANI | Updated: Oct 29, 2022 14:41 IST

New Delhi [India], October 29 (ANI/ATK): Rocketize is a memecoin created by a team of passionate developers and crypto enthusiasts.
Unlike Dogecoin, Rocketize is not a joke or a mockery of crypto but an emerging memecoin aiming for the top spot.
The project and token are primarily owned by its community of investors and crypto enthusiasts, which Rocketize calls the Atomic Nation. With the number of persons making up Atomic Nation, the Rocketize team can easily collaborate or partner with DeFi protocols and physical businesses. Accordingly, Rocketize can rapidly grow its ecosystem and contribute to the crypto industry.
Meanwhile, no Rocketize tokens belong to developers because the project has no developer wallet. The absence of a developer wallet means none of the Rocketize developers can rug-pull the project or exploit investors. Moreover, no one can exercise central authority in the ecosystem unless they wish to buy all JATO tokens, which is nearly impossible.
For instance, a DeFi platform known as Fortress DAO was entirely liquidated by one of its founders. The developer took over the platform by using the tokens in his care to manipulate the system.
These examples call for a change in the way developers create DeFi ecosystems. So, the Rocketize team will not have a particular wallet or keep a portion of its tokens in order to make Rocketize a truly decentralized memecoin.
What is JATO
JATO is the native token of the Rocketize project. It has a supply of 1 trillion, 50 per cent of which Rocketize burned immediately after its creation.
Owing to JATO's tokenomics and burn mechanism, there will never be more JATO tokens in circulation as there is today. Also, Rocketize plans to use USD JATO as the utility token of its play-to-earn game after launching it.
Rocketize vs. Monero
Monero began operating in 2014 as one of the first blockchains to attain complete privacy. It has such a high level of privacy that no one (except the parties in a transaction) can know the sending or receiving address of a payment on Monero.
Moreover, Monero ensures that every other transaction detail is unknown to the public. Details like transaction amount, balance on a wallet address, address history, and trading histories are all anonymous on this network.
On the one hand, the secrecy of Monero is a plus for crypto users, as they can keep things as private as possible. On the other hand, high secrecy has made Monero a tool for illegal and criminal use.
As of 2019, five darknets accept Monero as one of their primary means of payment. Likewise, the blockchain and its coin, XMR, have become a tool for carrying out malware and ransomware attacks.

Rocketize vs. Pancakeswap
Pancakeswap is a decentralized token exchange platform running primarily on BNB Smart Chain. It boasts about 3 million active trades, using it for various activities. Likewise, Pancakeswap has over USD 3 billion worth of crypto assets in its care as total value locked on its platform.

With its success on BNB Smart Chain, Pancakeswap is planning to expand its business. Recently, the DEX announced that it would soon integrate its platform with the Aptos blockchain. So, DeFi traders can buy, sell and trade tokens on the Aptos blockchain in Pancakeswap DEX.
Like Pancakeswap, Rocketize is also a DeFi protocol open to expansion. After its launch, the Rocketize team will continue building new features and forming partnerships for the growth of Rocketize and JATO.
How to Buy JATO
1. Visit Rocketize website
2. On the homepage, click Enter Presale
3. You will see a page to create an account with Rocketize
4. Enter your name, email, and mobile number
5. Select the crypto you intend to deposit with among the available options and enter your purchase amount
6. Register your account
7. Complete your purchase, and finalize your purchase by depositing crypto to buy JATO.
It would help if you deposit and purchase JATO immediately after registering your account. Why? Rocketize rewards buyers with 60 per cent of their purchase amount for buying JATO tokens within 30 minutes of creating an account.
Rocketize is creating a truly decentralized ecosystem and memecoin. Everyone can join the Atomic Nation and be a part of the other benefits the Rocketize team is putting in place.
Rocketize Token (JATO)
Presale: https://rocketize.io/buy
Website: http://rocketize.io
Telegram: https://t.me/RocketizeTokenOfficial
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