Rubique launches TAB solution to make financing simple for MSMEs

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], June 13 (ANI): For MSMEs, raising capital so far has been a herculean task with all the tedious paperwork, evaluation of credit history and high rejection rates due to various reasons. But, things are now set to change as the leading fintech player Rubique is making a strong headway in the country's lending ecosystem with its ultimate lending solution, the new TAB (Tech Assisted Business Solution) feature. The feature designed especially for tablet usage, addresses the above-mentioned concerns effectively as a one-stop transaction platform which handles the lead from origination till disbursement. In view of the intricacies required in processing SME finance as well as the lengthy forms to be filled up, Rubique has created the TAB solution offering a wide product portfolio. The products on this solution cover low to high risk capital requirement through five broad-level product categories of two secured - LAP, MEL, three unsecured - Micro Business Loan (>five lac) , Unsecured Business Loan, Commercial Vehicle Finance. The platform also incorporates the Rubique Advantage feature which brings advance technology propositions like eligibility check through matchmaking algorithm, quick decisioning on the application, real time credit bureau check and real-time status tracking by integrating with financial institutions' systems. Additionally, the solution also includes advanced technology features like IRIS scan for Aadhar authentication, and generation of credit assessment memo (CAM) along with deviations enabling the credit underwriter to take quick decisioning and reduce the processing time further. "We are here to eliminate these barriers and make the lending processes beneficial for both the lenders and the borrowers. Thus, with the help of technology, we have created this solution to ease the complicated lending process, thereby improving and enhancing the customer experience," said founder and CEO Rubique, Manavjeet Singh. Rubique has been observing a growing interest from financial institutions to adopt its technology vision because unlike other loan aggregator platforms, it promises end-to-end fulfillment driven by its technology interventions. The advanced technologies used by Rubique scrutinizes hundreds of data points to assess the creditworthiness of customers and provide them the offers they are eligible for, thereby removing the manual efforts in the loan processing system. Such unique technology propositions have enabled the platform to cross the mark of Rs. 1300+ crore in disbursement and one lac application processing. Rubique's recent selection in Abu Dhabi's Global Market Sandbox initiative recognizes the power of technology to get replicated in different markets. (ANI)