S-CCI Golden Cruiser initiates campaign against 'road fatalities caused by poor quality of brake fluids'

ANI | Updated: Sep 14, 2017 19:42 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 14 (ANI): Automotive brake fluid and engine anti-freeze coolants manufacturer S-CCI Golden Cruiser has announced initiating a campaign to encourage and spread awareness regarding the road fatalities caused by poor quality of brake fluids.

According to The Ministry of Road & Highways Transport Research wing, one serious road accident occurs every minute and 16 people die on Indian roads every hour.

"Various factors contribute to this. The most unfortunate thing is that we are not even aware of the precise reason for the road fatalities. It is not just bad roads, inadequately-lit thoroughfares or Drunk-Driving that cause road accidents. Canines and cattle too have become a potential threat for motorists, especially in the suburbs, and in an attempt to avoid cattle in the middle of the road, motorists have to either stop or swerve their vehicles," the research suggests.

"As there are no available statistics, major problem in these cases is of ineffective braking, which goes largely unnoticed. It has been found in many cases that spurious auto parts and poor quality brake fluids cause accidents and crashes," said director S-CCI Golden-Cruiser India, S K Singh at a discussion held at their Bhiwadi plant.

"According to National Crime Records Bureau, two wheelers account for 25 percent of total road crash deaths. Due to lack of public awareness in India on this front, nobody sues for brake failure, as opposed to International Standards. In developed countries auto components/ brake oil manufacturers are always on their toes to ensure better quality and enhance public safety," added Singh.

Ineffective braking is not quantified as there are no fixed standards on braking distance since it depends on road conditions, manufacturing of a car, car condition, speed of vehicle among other factors.

Brake Fluid is easily one of the most neglected fluids in most vehicles around India. Manufacturers recommend that you change your brake fluid every two or three years. The Brake Fluid possesses' life saving qualities yet people often check everything except the brake fluid.

Adding to this Singh added that a major reason for ineffective brakes is substandard brake parts and poor quality brake fluids. Problems of Fraud are widely prevalent.

"OEM's use high quality brake fluids but, unfortunately the market has many sub-standard brake fluids due to poor regulation. Many dealers unknowingly are selling poor quality brake fluids. There is a pressing need for a strict regulatory body to oversee the functioning in this area. Public awareness regarding brake fluids needs to be encouraged," he added. (ANI)