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SAEINDIA announces Mahindra presents BAJA SAEINDIA 2018 virtual round to be held at Chitkara University, Punjab

| Updated: Jul 14, 2017 13:29 IST

New Delhi [India], July 14 (ANI-BusinessWire India): SAEINDIA, a professional society of automotive engineers on Thursday announced the commencement of the 11th edition of the much-awaited BAJA series. Mahindra & Mahindra is the title sponsor and the event is known as Mahindra presents BAJA SAEINDIA 2018. The redesigned virtual round of BAJA SAEINDIA will be held on July 14 and 15, 2017 at Chitkara University, Punjab. The teams have already started feeling the heat of this upcoming mega event which is due to be held in Chandigarh. With around 388 teams from various engineering colleges of India, five students from each team, totaling over 2000 students, the battlefield is set and ready for these students to battle out their ideas. In these two days event, the registered teams will be scrutinised for their knowledge and capability to participate successfully in the main event. Like last year, all the teams at the Virtual BAJA 2017 must make a presentation on their design, followed by a viva or extempore, which will carry equal weightage in their final selection. The evaluation process will test every participant's knowledge on Rulebook and General Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. Based on the performance in Virtual BAJA, the teams would be selected for participation in the main event to be held IIT Ropar, Punjab or NATRiP, Pithampur near Indore. BAJA SAE Series is an event for the undergraduate engineering students, organised globally by the Society of Automotive Engineers, USA. The event spread like a wildfire since its inception in the year 1976 and broaden its horizon in the countries like USA, Mexico, South Africa, Korea, Brazil and India. In India, the BAJA SAEINDIA (Society of Automotive Engineers) began its journey in the year 2007 and was launched under the leadership of Dr. Pawan Goenka (during his tenure as SAEINDIA President) and the convenorship of Dr. K.C. Vora. As SAEINDIA ventured on to the unchartered territory of holding a mega-event of this scale, NATRiP came forward to lend a helping hand through an earmarked zone at its upcoming proving grounds- NATRAX, situated at Pithampur, Indore. Similarly, IIT Ropar came forward to lend a helping hand at it Roopnagar location from 2018. BAJA SAEINDIA tasks the students to conceptualise design, build, test and validate a single-seater four-wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to take part in series of events spread across a course of three days. The finale will be held at the NATRiP facility at Pithampur near Indore, from January 24-28, 2018, followed by an HR meet on January 29-30, 2018, and IIT Ropar from March 8-11, 2018, followed by the HR Meet on March 12, 2018. A remarkable feature unique to BAJA SAEINDIA is the adoption of a new theme every year. This year the theme for BAJA 2018 is 'Ground To Glory'. The passion, hard work and perseverance of the budding engineers, who start their journey from scratch and traverse throughout the year to come up with their dreams converted into reality, the fervor to take up challenges and ability to maximise efforts is rightly justified by this theme. It shall drive the standards and boundaries of our capabilities to new scales and prove BAJA to be a ground of glory for all the people associated to the event in the form of learnings they take away from the event. "Mahindra is delighted to be associated with BAJA SAEINDIA 2018 as the title sponsor. With BAJA, we are taking forward the philosophy of Mahindra Rise to the next level. Year on year there has been an increase in participation from colleges and this is testimony to BAJA SAEINDIA's growing popularity and its national significance. I am glad that BAJA SAEINDIA has been a forum that gives young engineering talent the platform to turn those dreams into a reality," said Dr. Pawan Goenka, Executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. "This event has been built through shared passion and ardor among students all over the country, who have the zeal and the intent to venture further. Students undergo a leap's bound in terms of technical knowledge along with an experience, which leads to the addition of an astonishing dimension to their overall persona. These individuals are surely propelling the Indian Auto Industry to new heights," added Shoaib Sadiq, Convener - Virtual BAJA 2017 and HR Lead SAE BAJA 2018. "I am delighted to see that over the years, BAJA has grown in popularity and has become a bigger event nationally signifying its increasing popularity. I have seen the enthusiasm of students who have been participating in this competition. I must say it is an apt platform for the young engineering talent to showcase their skills and acquire a real-life experience. We are glad to extend our support and look forward to contribute more to this competition," said Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice - Chancellor, Chitkara University. (ANI-BusinessWire India)